Have you asked your family to join you on this path?

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      Kristin Pittack

      Hello fellow practitioners,

      I was wondering if you have you asked your family to join you on your path? I recently concluded that I needed my family to walk this path with me and asked them to join. My husband joined with love and support – and is beginning to open up his own path which is truly magical to watch. My daughter is still young, so I am open with her about my path (we talk about what I practice and she sees some work I do in our house) but do not want to pressure her in any spiritual practice and allow her to find her own path. How do you approach these topics with your children? What kind of balance have you created? I would be interested to hear the stories of others, as there are not many local resources for my daughter and our family.

      Thank you! Much Love, Kristin

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      Hi Kristin,
      What a great topic. I am in the same issue. As I feel that spirituality and a deeper curiosity of what life and our existence is about is an important topic, I discuss it with my family in whatever capacity it is applicable. My wife has found my experiences interesting but has zero interest in joining a ceremony or general practice of spirituality, shamanism, etc. My 9 year old daughter could not be more intrigued by the way I explain these ideas…as best I can. I hope she engages further, but as you say, I respect her need to find her own path. We talk about plant medicines but my view is that she would be very young for these things. “Smudging” seems like an easy enough activity and the smells probably create nostalgic stimulus. Drum ceremonies are another idea that could be fun. My 4 year old, well we talk about the importance of gratitude and love, that’s where he is at currently 🙏
      I continue to figure this out as I go, I think the most important thing is to lead by example with clear inspirations, and talking about them whenever asked!

      Thanks again for your question.


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      Diana Whitten

      Hi Kristin,

      I second Travis in everything he has said in his reply to you – thank you, Travis! I found that the ceremony and actual work integrated very well into our daily family life. My husband is excited to see me flourish in this practice but that’s about where it stops with him. He’s interested in what I have to tell and supports me with ideas but he’s admitted that he’s not ready to dive deeper into himself through shamanism.
      My 9 year old son on the other hand loves it. Like Travis, I also try to keep it lite with him but try to support his own spirituality. He’s asked me to find out his power animal for him, and I taught him how to simply call it in before bed time to help keep the nightmares away. Ever since then his nightmares have stopped and he kindly asks his power animal to support him in situations he’s uncomfortable in. It is a joy to watch him flourish in this practice. He also asked me to work on him to see what all that “anger” inside him was about. He was 8 when that happened.
      I think the best approach is to see what your kids are openly able to hear and understand when it comes to shamanism and where they struggle to wrap their heads around. Finding that balance seems to be a continuous effort and reevaluation of where you’re at within your beautiful family unit.

      Have a wonderful day!

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      Steve Patterson

      Not directly, but by being with them and engaging the world in the ways that I do, my children have all developed their own understanding of life that is a clear manifestation of this interaction. The first half of my childhood was on a rural farm in Southern Illinois and the second half in downtown Chicago. My four children, ages 10-34, have been to both and we live in a large university town which itself is a combination of all kinds of people from all over the world.

      Since our default family view already is of a global, if not universal, approach, and their having visited so many of those places, combined with their own highly diverse Montessori first then public school “education”, has pulled each of them down a path of a full understand of all that I, and those they meet because of what I do, focus our attention and lifes work about.

      None of them have been baptized, and that would be the only thing I “did” as far as spirituality, but, our home is a sanctuary, and our live is a constant prayer, and they, like us, engage in life to the top. Should any one of those want to speak to a Mormon Missionary, or a local priest, rabbi, or ask to visit a Mosque. I would welcome that 100% as their life, their path, their choice. But, if that day ever comes, they will all walk in the forest and feel the ages of the ancestors walking along right beside them.

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