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Working With Earth

Tuesday, April 14th @ 1-2PM MDT | Cost: FREE

Come together through the power of community and help to generate a greater impact within the world.

Shamans throughout time have used special techniques to tend to trauma and disasters. Our monthly Call-to-Action events apply these techniques in a practice known as Shamanism Without Borders.

Trained practitioners lead the group to tend to situations ranging from natural disasters, acts of terrorism, war and pollution, to anything that causes disruption and suffering to humanity, to the animal and plant life, and the earth’s delicate bio-system.

These events are by nature community healing events and provide an opportunity for anyone interested in being of service to participate. All are welcome!

Tue, April 14 @ 1PM MDT
Led by Lena Stevens

Past & Future Events

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January 2020

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February 2020

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March 2020

Working With Fire

April 14th, 1-2PM MDT

Theme: TBD

May 12th, 1-2PM MDT

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June 9th, 1-2PM MDT

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July 14th, 1-2PM MDT

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August 11th, 1-2PM MDT

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Sep 8th, 1-2PM MDT

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Oct 14th, 1-2PM MDT

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Nov 10th, 1-2PM MST

Theme: TBD

Dec 8th, 1-2PM MST


What does an SWB process look like?

The general outline of an SWB process is as follows. This process is facilitated by one of our trained community leaders and does not require experience to be a participant.

  • Introducing the issue that requires tending
  • Opening, protecting and calling allies into a ceremonial container
  • Journeying from a place of neutrality for instructions
  • Tending to the situation based on the information given
  • Blessing what was tended
  • Thanking and releasing the container

“When we prepare for our healing ceremonies, we journey to the spirit of the situation to look for guidance. This might be the spirit of the land, the soul of a community, country or the spirit of a culture, or collective consciousness. We ask the simple question, “What would be the most effective way that we can be of service?”. Sometimes the answer is clear. Sometimes it is unexpected. Sometimes the answer is to not do any ceremony at all.


Because we conduct this journey with the assistance of our tried and true spirit friends of kindness, we can trust that their answers come from a place more resourced than we could find on our own. This sacred listening practice is revelatory and healing to all beings. As we are all connected through unseen webs, answering the call for healing in this way brings healing to ourselves as well, through a beautiful circle of offering and gratitude. Blessed be.”

~Provided by SWB Community Leader Tasara Jen Stone

What tools are recommended to use during an SWB process?

We suggest being in a ceremonial space, setting up an altar and lighting a candle. You may also want to have any tools you already work with such as a drum, rattle, feathers, tobacco, crystals, etc.

How can I continue the tending process or receive additional support?

Feel free to continue connecting through our member’s forum.

If you are interested in learning more about the practice of Shamanism Without Borders and how to facilitate this meaningful work, we invite you to join our network and gain instant access to a free 3-part audio training by visiting please visit for more info.

What if I can't make the call time?

A recording will be made available on this page and in the audio section of our website following each call.

How can I learn more about Shamanism Without Borders?

You can visit our Shamanism Without Borders page to learn more.

How can I support Shamanism Without Borders?

You can join our network through the Shamanism Without Borders page to stay up to date on all the happenings. You can also Become a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice or make a donation to help support Shamanism Without Borders.