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Dear walker of this path of power and beauty,

SSP’s mission is to help people learn about and practice shamanism with integrity and depth. One way we accomplish our mission is through the annual Eagle Feather Award. At this time of giving and gratitude, we ask you to support this program with a generous donation.

Anyone practicing shamanism at any level owes a tremendous debt to the rare, true shamans who serve their communities by healing the sick, providing leadership, protection, teaching and spiritual guidance. All of us owe a debt to the shamans who have carried ancient teachings forward and who have, many times, rescued and preserved ancient lineages from extinction.

The Eagle-Feather award is one small way we can express gratitude and support to the world’s shamans.

More than anyone else, the shamans understand, and work deeply with, the life-sustaining connection between human beings, the natural world, and the spiritual realm. They show all of us the way to repairing the rift between ourselves and the web of life, and they teach us how to be in right relationship with life and with one another.

The Eagle Feather Award honors an individual or group anywhere in the world who has made significant contributions to the field of shamanism. It aides and supports skilled practitioners of the shamanic path who are engaged in important service projects and who have ongoing responsibilities to their communities, and to the web of all life.

The recipient receives a $5,000, no restrictions award. Your gift of gratitude to this SSP program will be directed entirely into the award, and directly into the hands of the recipient. None of it is used for operations.

Thank you for helping SSP directly honor, support and preserve shamanism in today’s world.

Here’s wishing you a joyous holiday season by season!

The SSP Board of Directors

Jaime Meyer (President); Anna Stevens-Harrington (Vice President); Genie Hobbs (Secretary/Treasurer);
Alan Davis; Tom Cowan; Jose Stevens; Lena Stevens; Steven Farmer; Sandip Chakraborti; Ana Larramendi