Medicine Wheel Ceremonies


Join SSP Board President Jaime Meyer for a summer solstice ceremony. This a one of four quarterly Medicine Wheel Ceremonies available only to members.

Jaime will guide those gathered through the making of an offrenda, a beautiful ceremony using a series of flowers, prayers, rattle and singing – all designed around the intention of empowering your inner “turning point.” You can prepare for the ceremony by asking yourself what turning point you are at in your own life, what you have been afraid putting into action and calling into being. (Confusion, ambivalence and self deprecation are forms of fear that are like a wet blanket thrown over the vision for yourself that is actually right there under the blanket. We will address some of this in the brief teaching portion of the ceremony). Each participant will join in the making of prayers for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. Together, we will raise a solstice prayer of big love!


Create sacred ceremonial space in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by other people or loud noises. Make a small altar, light a candle and have your drum, and rattle available, as well as paper and pen. Darken your room if possible and allow yourself to be fully present. Call info will be emailed out the day before the ceremony as well.


A playback recording will be available for those who were not able to join live or for those who would like to watch again.




Jaime Meyer Soul Retrieval

Join Our Next Ceremony

Calling in the SOUTH:

Summer Solstice

Led by SSP Board Member,

Jaime Meyer

Thursday, June 20th,
6:00 PM MDT

These ceremonies are a benefit of your membership with the Society for Shamanic Practice. Call information will be provided via email one day before the ceremony takes place.

We hope you can join us!

Working With the MEDICINE WHEEL

The Medicine Wheel, Medicine Circle or Mandala has been used for thousands of years around the world as a fundamental shamanic map and cross-cultural tool to navigate the flow of life. No matter where we are, we are always surrounded and supported by the four directions-- East, South, West and North. The presence of the directions in our lives can be felt as the earth turns over the course of a day, and as the seasons turn over the course of the year. Understanding how to work well with the four directions can mean the difference between feeling peaceful, supported, clear and at ease, versus feeling unsupported, chaotic and confused and struggling.

Calling in the EAST, Spring Equinox

Tuesday, March 19th

Calling in the South, Summer Solstice

Thursday, June 20th

Calling in the West, Autumn Equinox

Sunday, Sep 22nd

Calling in the NORTH, Winter Solstice

Saturday, Dec. 21st 

These ceremonies are a benefit to members of the Society for Shamanic Practice. If you know of someone who would like to participate in this ceremony but is not a member, please invite them to join our community.