Celtic Cross-Quarter Holiday Ceremonies


Led by Dr. Karen Ward and John Cantwell of Ireland

Shamanism Without Borders Call-to-Action

Tending to Gender-based Oppression

Led by Yana Aryze

Shamanism Without Borders Call-to-Action

Tending to Conflict and Discord:
A Prayer for Peace

Led by Mary Olivar

Medicine Wheel - North

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Led by Jaime Meyer

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Shamanism Without Borders Call-to-Action

Tending to the Earth

Led by Lisha Hengeveld

Shamanism Without Borders Call-to-Action

Tending Our Waters

Led by Nancy Lankston

Upcoming Events

The Society for Shamanic Practice offers a combination of in-person and online events throughout the year, including monthly Call-to Action Events, seasonal Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, and an Annual Conference.

In addition to this, many of our members are shamanic practitioners, teachers, and community organizers who offer their own events on an ongoing basis and agree to uphold our code of ethics in doing so. If you are interested in posting an event on this calendar, please consider becoming a member.

Shamanic Light Healer Apprenticeship Program 2022-2023

Online via ZOOM

This program trains people to have deep and clear connections with compassionate helping spirits and to be able to do healing work for themselves, others, and the planet. 8-Month Intensive […]


15-Day Shamanic Creativity Cleanse

Zoom webinar

Shamanic Journey to Clarity & Vision Bring a friend for free when you register by Jan 15th! Please visit the link for more details and registration information! https://medicineweaver.org/creativity-cleanse/ What are […]


Full Hearted February

A personalized series of 3 individual healing sessions to support you in bringing more compassion, peace, and love, especially self-love, into your heart. How is your Heart? From a shamanic […]


Full Moon Blessing – Live & Recorded


Receive the bright and nourishing energies of the February Full Moon through this remote ceremony, clearing, and blessing. Attend live or listen to the recording. By requesting an invite, you […]


Psychopomp Journey Circle

Online via ZOOM

I’ve been practicing psychopomp on my own for a few years now, but feel called to form a group of practitioners and others who wish to assist people and animals […]

Elemental Dreaming with Love Goddess Hathor / Venus


Hathor… Aphrodite… Venus… by any name, this Goddess is a Badass! Let’s explore the love, power and passion of the sacred feminine through her. Nancy will share why this powerful […]

$11 – $33

The Gifts of Your Ancestors

Online via ZOOM

Connecting to our Ancestors is one of the most powerful shamanic tools for personal transformation and healing. Our Ancestors are a huge well of power and wisdom, and our lineages […]




You are invited to join this virtual circle which provides an opportunity for anyone who wishes to participate in being of service and support rebalancing. During times of disruptive or […]


Seidr Practice – Seidr & Ethics

Online via ZOOM

Seidr Practice are regular events exploring different aspects of working with Seidr. These experiential online practice events are offered via Zoom on UK time. Practice events are for those who […]


Seidr Craft

Online via ZOOM

Seidr is a Nordic oracular shamanic tradition that uses the staff, the song and a ritual seat as key elements enabling the seidr worker to connect with the spirit world. […]


Elemental Dreaming with Reindeer Goddess


Nancy Lankston will guide us into DreamSpace in the shamanic style. We will journey to the tundra of the far north to meet the Reindeer Goddess. She is the keeper […]

$11 – $33

Working with Spirits of Nature 3-Week Class

Online via ZOOM

Learn how to listen and engage in communication with nature spirits to discover what they require from us humans to establish strong partnerships of earth stewardship. This class will be […]


Shamanic Extraction and Alignment

Online Via Zoom OR at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA 386 Merrimack St #1A, Methuen, MA

Removing Energy Blocks and Restoring Flow This hybrid class will be offered both in person in Methuen, MA and online through Zoom 10:00 am-1:00 pm and 2:00-5:00 pm. This class […]


Shamanic Depossession Training

Online Via Zoom OR at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA 386 Merrimack St #1A, Methuen, MA

This comprehensive training will cover spirit possession by spirits both human and non-human, elemental beings, beings from other dimensions and beings often thought of as “dark” or “evil.”   The […]


Shamanic Training Medicine Wheel Program

Online via ZOOM

Transform Your Life and Learn Shamanic Healing! In this program you will learn the practices and the healing techniques of the shaman, so that you can bring this powerful healing […]