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Shamanism Journeys in Nepal with Bhola Banstola- 2024

August 24 - September 8

led by Bhola Banstola, Nepali Jhankri Shaman

  • Visit the sacred power places of Kathmandu Valley
  • Take part in Retreats with the lineage Shamans from different cultures
  • Participate in healing and other rituals 
  • Witness ‘Jhaak’  – altered consciousness, magical feats, and out-of-body experiences
  • Immerse yourself in the Shamans’  music, drum rhythms, dance, stories and mantra chants

Bhola and his team have taught and led these learning experiences for decades, working with the local Shamans to bring authentic Nepali Shamanism to participants from many nations.

The events are open to all. You may be sure of a wonderful welcome from the people of Nepal as they share their culture with you.

Experiential Learning with Nepali Dhami-Jhankri Shamans

 (including Mountain Pilgrimages)

August 24 – September 08, 2024

The word ‘unique’ is over-used, but here, we really do have a genuinely unique opportunity where the focus is totally on your experience of authentic Shamanism.   This is not a programme for people to observe others but offers you total immersion in the Nepali culture and Shamanism.  Shamanism always has a cultural context, a community that is served and shares the spiritual and moral backdrop, making these practices an integral and relevant part of Nepali society today.

Nepal is a sacred country where Nature, humans and the divine have a mutually supportive presence and play a responsible role in maintaining serenity, balance and harmony. From the massive Himalayas to the mid-Himalayan green mountains and the unending flat plains of the South, Nepal is a living museum of many human groups and sub-groups, vibrant cultures, year-round festivities, spiritual practices, art and architecture. Nepal’s identity and power centres around the old squares, temples and monasteries, vibrating with its rich culture and sacred energies.

The holy temples and shrines which house the male and female deities on the banks of Bagmati, Vishnumati, Rudramati and Hanumente Rivers, collectively called the Sacred Kathmandu Valley Mandal, have welcomed yogis, pilgrims, monks and ascetics for thousands of years, and still today continue to maintain that force of attraction.

The organizers of these experiential pilgrimages are Nepali and so well-versed in the local religious and spiritual practices, both written and oral. They will accompany you to these powerful places, wisdom keepers, and cultural heroes and help you immerse deep to unravel the secrets.

Your introduction to Nepal starts from the Kathmandu Valley, follows the trails to the villages, and accompanies you to the higher hills and beyond the mighty Himalayas step by step. Participants feel themselves becoming like local Nepalis, immersed totally in the culture.

Unlike the experience of a regular traveller, trekker or mountain goer, this program ensures that you participate and get first-hand knowledge from the local Nepali Shamans (male and female), learning their millennia-old lineage healing secrets and getting acquainted with the art of creating ritual spaces, rhythms and sacred chants.
You will be accompanied to the temples, shrines, and some of the powerful places of Kathmandu Valley and cultural and historical heritage centres to offer prayers and join local pilgrims.

The local Shamanic community will accompany the participants to introduce their power places, sources of power and healing.  We will progress step by step through the realm of sacred Sayalung protective Kali Naga shrine by the water fountain, onto the Pheasant Rock shrine, and ascend onwards to the navel of the earth mother.

We will stop in every sacred spot where the Shamans invoke the spirits for protection, healing, and empowerment.  We will also meet another group of Shamans, visit the local villages, and live with them for an authentic experience.

It is a rare opportunity to be with the elders and long-lineage carriers of different lineages, listen to them, converse, and receive healing and teachings.

(Participants must be physically fit to walk for three days, 6-8 hours each day, with stopovers for lunch and rest. The trekking pilgrimage starts at 2300meters/7546 feet, and the highest point reached is 3100 meters/10750 feet)

For the reservation and detailed itineraries, please send an email to:

Bhola Banstola bhumi1008@outlook.com

Website for details: www.BholaBanstola.com

There are two other Nepal Pilgrimages in 2024: September 9-23 and September 29-October 12 so see the website for info on those too.


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