Moving From Your Head to Heart: Weekend Retreat

Warwick, MA Warwick, MA

Surrounded and supported by the wisdom and energy of nature, this weekend retreat will help you return to living your life from your heart, rather than all from all the noise and static  of the mind. Learn how to tame your unruly mind, moving it from a wildly out-of-control noise machine into the powerful tool […]


Shamanic Training Medicine Wheel Program

Online via ZOOM

Transform Your Life and Learn Shamanic Healing! In this program you will learn the practices and the healing techniques of the shaman, so that you can bring this powerful healing to others while transforming your own life, expanding and deepening your journey, and stepping fully into your highest destiny. You will learn to work at […]


Nepal Experiential Shamanic Pilgrimage #1


A pilgrimage is a journey to sacred places to renew and recharge spiritually, to meet and learn from a teacher and to seek healing in far-off places. These are the most common forms of pilgrimage in Nepal. Spiritual journeys are undertaken to visit the great human-made shrines and the natural Himalayan sacred places. These places […]

Nepal Experiential Shamanic Pilgrimage #2


Nepal, the Heart of World Shamanism and Centre of Learning: Since time immemorial, the Nepali people have preferred their habitations to be in the higher hills and mountains, far from the flat plains and close to heaven, to allow their souls to merge with clouds and otherworldly realms. The towering height and vast open spaces […]