Contribute Your Wisdom

Do you have a unique perspective on Shamanic Practice? Are you gifted as a writer? A speaker? Or a ceremonialist? Is there a teaching, story or lesson that you have been wanting to share? We invite you to contribute your unique wisdom to our vibrant community of people dedicated to walking a shamanic path.

Why We Need Help

As a nonprofit organization, our articles, audios and ceremonies are all made possible by volunteer contributors. These contributions allow us to disseminate rich and diverse perspectives on the practice of shamanism around the world. We hope that you’ll consider becoming one of the many voices that make up our growing shamanic library of articles, audios and ceremonial work.

How you can contribute

Write an article

Our article library features many different voices in shamanism, on topics such as healing methods, personal practice, animal medicine, astrology, book reviews, interviews, teaching stories, indigenous wisdom, and much more. Please review our article submission guidelines for more detailed information on how you can contribute.

Record an AUDIO

Our audio library is full of practices, guided meditations, interviews and teachings in shamanism. Would you like to be interviewed on a topic? Could you record an audio that leads listeners through a process or shares a teaching that’s been of great value to you? Visit our audio library for inspiration on what others have already contributed.

Lead a Ceremony

Quarterly we host a virtual ceremony for our members on the Solstice or Equinox. The presence of the directions in our lives can be felt as the earth turns over the course of a day, and as the seasons turn over the course of the year. Understanding how to work well with the energies of the different directions on the medicine wheel can mean the difference between feeling peaceful, supported, clear and at ease, versus feeling unsupported, chaotic and confused and struggling. Ceremonies are hosted through a conference line and recorded for those who wish to listen at a later date.

What You Get

As a content contributor you receive a one-year basic membership to the Society for Shamanic Practice. You also get to share your work with our more than 600+ and growing membership community. Articles, audios and New Moon Ceremonies become open to the public after 30 days. Once made public, all articles and audios are shared with our 9,000+ Facebook Group members and Instagram account.

As a contributor you also get space to include your bio and website link along with the content you offer to the community.


Submission Guidelines

Please complete the following form and attach the relevant article, audio or ceremony you would like to contribute to our community. All content submissions are subject to review and approval by our Editorial Board and Board of Directors. Please also note that we only accept new content that has not yet been released to any other media outlet, or published on a personal website. We require exclusive publication rights for the first 30 days. After this time we invite you to share your contribution through your personal and affiliate publications as you see fit.