Article Submissions

The Editorial Board for The Journal of Shamanic Practice solicits articles from well-known experts in the field of shamanism as well as from anyone doing something unique, interesting, and valuable with his or her shamanic practice and shamanic life. We welcome articles and stories from people who use shamanism professionally, often in a healing capacity, and those who use it as a spiritual practice for daily life.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting your work. If you feel your work is appropriate to the Journal, submit it by email to

Submission Guidelines

The Journal of Shamanic Practice publishes a new original article approximately once per month on the website of the Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP). Articles are available first to our members, and 30 days after publication they become available to the general public. Articles are also posted and promoted on the SSP Facebook page and SSP Facebook Group.

Length of Articles

Articles should be between 700 and 1500 words. Occasionally longer articles are accepted. When appropriate, manuscript submissions should include original art or photographs, or those that are in the public domain, or those for which the author has received permission to publish.

Types of Articles

  1. Articles that ground us in the current season (or place on the wheel). As we move into autumn, the solstice and winter, articles that link shamanic practice with these seasons and these places on the wheel of life are welcome.
  2. Articles for newcomers to shamanic practice. Advice, perspective and doable practices for those new to this path.
  3. Articles aimed at experienced practitioners. Healing techniques and practices or advice and perspective on the “business” aspects of working shamanically.
  4. Articles on shamanism and social activism (practices and perspectives).
  5. We are open to your ideas. If you have an idea that you want to pitch, feel free to contact us.

Rarely does the journal publish personal healing stories. These stories are better incorporated into a report or an essay that frames the personal story in a larger context, or posted directly on the SSP Facebook page and/or our blog.

We don’t want articles that are purely self-promoting, and we won’t accept any article whose main agenda is to sell yourself. We are very happy to put your web site and contact info into your article, and we love to help members advance their work by sharing new articles with our growing membership, our Facebook Page and our Community Facebook Group.

Reference Style

Start references on a separate page following the text. Number each reference consecutively in the text by order of appearance. In the text, designate reference numbers either as a superscript or on the line in parentheses. (Do not use the footnote function in WordPerfect.) Cite complete journal name. List all authors unless the number exceeds six. In these cases, give the first three names followed by “et. al.”

Journal Article

Krippner S. The epistemology and technologies of shamanic states of consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (2000): 93-118.

Book Chapter

Eliade, Mircea. Shamanism and cosmology. In Nicholson S, ed. Shamanism. Wheaton, IL: A Quest Book; 1987, 17-46.


Ryan RE, Ph.D. The strong eye of shamanism. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions; 1999.

Internet Source

Van Binsbergen W. Sangoman in The Netherlands: On integrity in intercultural mediation. <>. Accessed 9/09/2006.


Number and title each table consecutively in the order mentioned in the text. Each column within a table should have a heading. Explain abbreviations in the legend.


All submissions to the journal are read and reviewed by a team of editors who are shamanic practitioners. Decisions to accept or reject a manuscript are based on this editorial/peer review. When suggestions for improvement are made, authors are asked to revise their manuscripts in accordance with the reviewers’ comments.


If any material in the manuscript is from a copyrighted publication, a letter of permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the material should be included. If a photo, illustration, or figure does not belong to the author or is not in the public domain, it must be accompanied by a permission letter to reproduce it from the copyright holder.

Multiple Submission

If you are submitting the same article to other journals, notify us at the time of submission. If the article is accepted for publication elsewhere, we expect you to let us know. We will not publish the same, or substantially the same, piece.

Book Excerpts and Updates

If your submission is updating a previous article (published by SSP or elsewhere) it should be made clear in the text of the new article. We publish articles excerpted or adapted from your recently published, or soon to be published, book, and this also must be made clear in the text of your article.

Please send your written work to and include a brief bio and photo and/or images to be published online along with your article.

We look forward to reading your work.