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      Michiel Doorn

      I helped a client travel to the lower world. Her entry was ‘normal’ and at the end of a tunnel she encountered a shut door that I asked her to open to enter the lower world. For her, this turned out to be a world devoid of spirit and lonely, and very little definition. On her way back with that door behind her, she met a guide who gave her a lot of love and support, which she totally accepted.
      I later checked in with her, and the journey was meaningful and helpful for her. I asked her later in a roundabout way if she does use her energy to interfere with free will, thinking her guides may have withdrawn. This was not the case, as far as interference.(They could still have withdrawn)
      My only other explanantion is, that she never made it to the lower world??

      Does anybody have encountered such an alien, lonely world? Any explanations?
      thanks, Mic

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      Christine Weeber

      Hi Mic,
      Yes, she could have opened a door into an interstitial space. Those can be forlorn, tough spaces in between worlds that might be inhabited by spirits who appear to be stuck there for one reason or another. So, she likely was not in the lower world proper. I would see if she’d like to try again and clearly ask for someone to appear who can help her definitively get to the lower world. If she is led to that door and that space again, she could wait and ask again for guidance on why she’s there/what it’s supposed to be teaching her. But my hunch based on my own experiences is that she needs to be super clear about having assistance getting to the lower world–to press on.

      Hope that helps!
      Christine Weeber

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