Can a soul leave a body entirely? Can an energy body and a physical body detach?

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      Anna Pedder

      I am unsure how to word this question to be entirely honest. I cannot give many details or insight into the nature of the experience as it involves confidential information about clients. I am just over three years into my studies of energy work and 18 months into my Shamanic study. I am very new to this calling, however, i have been working in specific community settings since January this year and I have had the same experience twice, with different people, but in the same type of setting.

      Is it possible for the entire energy body to step out of a physical body? It is difficult for me to give an example due to confidentiality so if I ask the same question in a different way, it may be better.
      Can the energy body/ soul be entirely outside of the physical body?
      If I sense or see an entire energy body standing next to a person, is it their energy body?

      I have experienced and understand when a guide is communicating with me on behalf of my client in a 1-2-1 session. I have an awareness of energy that comes to the session, or maybe comes with the person to a session and I am beginning to see what is their energy, and what is an energy attachment. However, For me personally, it does not feel like it is their guide communicating with me, it feels as if it is the person.

      I appreciate any and all responses. Thank you for your time.

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      Robert Boothe

      Disembodied spirits are spirits without their bodies

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