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After I retired from a lifetime of training and protecting workers and the public against radiation risks in the nuclear and medical industries, my long path of volunteer community activism for human rights and public safety, which was always the way of the heart,  led me to the healing path of shamanism. I took some courses from FSS, and began to work with nature and ancestral spirits.

Five years later, I became an autistic community shaman, after initiation by my community of spirits, who works to heal community wounds that have harmed and oppressed generations of indigenous and non-indigenous people. I work in a historic setting, a starting node for Upper Canada, where colonial culture is still stubbornly embedded. I write articles to awaken people in my community and the rest of Canada, to the truth about the atrocities committed by British Christian colonialism, and the crimes against humanity that have harmed us since Jericho [1400 BCE] . This is where Christian colonialism began, when the Christian god Yahweh is alleged to have committed his first of many holocausts, by slaughtering and ritually burning every living creature in Jericho as revenge for not worshipping him previously. Colonialism is a deeply criminal process that uses massive organized violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth. Both the British Empire and the USA were constructed criminally, with colonial terrorism.

These are a sample of colonial wounds:

a) the highest child suicide rate in Canada is in first nations communities, because of generations of parental trauma suffered in the Christian run Residential Schools.  The Residential Schools were the real battlegrounds where the war for indigenous lands was waged against the heirs to those lands, hundreds of thousands of indigenous children. This is the lowest form of terrorism.

b) Last year, hundreds and possibly thousands of native child graves, were discovered in Residential School grounds, in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

I’ve been fortunate to connect with the Phoenix of Compassion, an ancient spiritual force that visited me last year, and inspired me to produce a piece of healing artwork which I call: “The Canadian Phoenix”.  By sharing this artwork with the world, I hope to bring this “healing mystery” to as many indigenous children as possible, as a gateway to hope.

Some of my recent work can be viewed on the “Art of Autism” website.







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