What are matching pictures?

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      Shala Hill

      I’m struggling to understand the concept of “matching pictures” in the way that they have been described in a recent post, and wonder if anyone would care to elaborate or offer reference to further explanation.

      From what I gather, matching pictures describe similar or “matching” experiences or beliefs we share with others. Many of these are limiting beliefs in some way.

      These matching pictures can lead to bonding: “You like horses, I like horses!” or discord: “I want to be the top dog, but you also want to be the top dog.”

      But wouldn’t this extend to complementary pictures as well? As in: “I was hurt by someone and you remind me of them” or, “I’m the good guy and you’re the bad guy” or, “I’m ashamed of my body and you are too comfortable with yours.”

      I’m going to assume so, for now.

      So… healing or clearing these matching pictures involves releasing the ego, letting go of these ideas and our ties to them, and bringing forgiveness, mercy and unconditional love to the person or people holding onto these pictures.

      Well, isn’t this just a general letting go of illusions, regardless of what they are? Recognizing that we’ve tied ourselves to a limited understanding of life/experience/the universe, and releasing ourselves from that?

      That sounds like ego death, true neutrality, divine consciousness, etc. If so… why the need to define matching pictures in this way? —Especially if we don’t need to know what they are in order to let go of them?

      Or perhaps it’s just the name itself that bothers me. From what I’m understanding, matching pictures could be “version of reality” “ego knowledge” “limiting experience” or even “limiting picture” …but I’m definitely having a hard time understanding “matching pictures” as described.

      However, the concept of “matching pictures” does make sense when applied to the sharing or disharmony of our views of reality. For example: you view yourself as a reasonable person, but someone imposes their view of you as “irrational,” so you “match” that picture by falling into it in some way, either by acting irrationally, or trying extra hard to prove that you are not that, still matching or buying into their version of reality.

      With this understanding, you can choose to match or not match someone’s understanding or view of the world. And if they are willing, and agree with your view, they could choose to adopt your version of reality, as in: seeing the best in people brings it out.

      So if this understanding is correct, it makes sense—-but boy does the term throw me off!

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