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      Loren Harris

      I imagine that many of you out there have some experience with this population, and I hope you will share. I have a connection to the Fae through one of my ancestral lines, which is lovely. And, recently, I felt I was being “tapped” by the little people of Japan. These beings are featured in Ainu mythology and are known as the Koropokkuru, I’ve learned.
      Oftentimes, I just sense energy – I don’t necessarily see sharply delineated humanoid figures. Anyway, they keep cropping up.
      John Lockley, in his book Leopard Warrior, says that little people in all cultures have important teachings for humanity. Of course, they are featured in a lot of old stories…but maybe they are interested in coming forward in new ways. Maybe they would like to be *brought* forward by those of us who are able to tune into their message. I imagine that the humor and playfulness of the little people could be channeled into various forms of creative expression. If you’re doing something like this, what kind of audience are you attracting? What would you say are the benefits to the human community?

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