Power Animal Dance for Children in Detention

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      Tasara Jen Stone

      Hello! It is Christmas morning and I just finished participating in the Shamanism Without Borders: Power Animal Dance for children in detention. After doing the recording after Winter Solstice, I knew I had to go back and do the dance, unfettered by the responsibility to hold space!

      First of all, I want to thank whoever participated the first time through from the bottom of my heart. When we unmuted everyone (it creates a weird gap in the audio when that happened), and I heard other people drumming and rattling, tears rolled down my cheeks. We are here! We are here!

      So, in my dance this morning, not just Bear came. Baby Bear came. We rolled and danced and did cute things for a long time. But then other spirit animals wanted to come through, as well, one replacing the other, never letting me be exposed to the detention centers myself. The Orca, and then the Blue Whale, making SPLASHHHHHHHHHHing sounds and water all through the detention center. Then the Tiger ROAAARRed. The flocks of small birds, and several others. I saw a flamingo, felt a peacock and at the very end, witnessed the spirits in human form come to interact with the children themselves. Angels were streaming in from above as my Mother Bear held me and the Baby Bear close.

      Join us in the play, the time magic of our recorded ceremony. Would love to hear back from you here.

      Blessed Be and Merry Yule.


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