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Tasara Jen Stone

About me

Tasara Jen Stone brings to us decades of experience in crafting ceremonies and facilitating public gatherings in the Pacific Northwest. A life-long practitioner of earth-based, pagan spirituality, she is known for her informal leadership style and her welcoming spaces. She is a former workshop organizer for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Betsy Bergstrom, and has trained extensively in core shamanism. Others she has studied with include Sandra Ingerman, Leslie Conton, Tom Cowan, Janine Ellison and Bhola Banstola.

Her new book, ‘The Ancient Bones of Ceremony: Remembering the Heartfelt Ways’, is a ceremonial journey in itself. Tasara Stone’s lyrical writing, which includes prayers, blessings, and paeans of gratitude, transports us to a sacred landscape where our heart’s needs are treated with utmost care. We spend time with Mother Earth and her elemental spirits, who teach us to walk the sacred spiral path.


Her blog, Ravenspeak, is at http://ravenspeaks.littlelight.info/.


Lake Forest Park





Experience Level

Shamanic Teacher

Lineage of Study

Core Shamanism

My Service Offerings

Shamanic Healing, Coaching/Counseling, Workshops/Trainings, Books/Audio Teachings, Books/Audio Teachings



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