Native American flute players: what do you feel when you play?

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      Hi all.
      So I recently bought my first Native American flute, (a high spirits flute in F#) using YouTube lessons to learn how to play. I notice that, when I play, I get an “energy feedback”, It feels like I raise my vibration simply by playing. I was wondering if anyone felt something similar? Please share your experiences with flute, and drum also. Thanks!

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      Tasara Jen Stone

      Absolutely, yes! What a gift. I have been playing flutes since I was a little girl, mostly in the woods and with the birds. Someone once said it beautifully, that you do not play the flute, you are the flute. I feel like I can express anything I am feeling. The sound of the flute is my voice and when I hear others play it, it sounds like storytelling.

      There are all kinds of interesting flutes that make different noises, too. I have a low, low, clay flute, a long, long windy reedy flute with no holes. I love to play my recorders, though I do not have an enormous amount of technical skill. It doesn’t matter. Let the spirit flow through you. Blessings!

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