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    Does anyone have any suggestions for connecting with allies and spirit guides?

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    Hi Megan! Are you looking for suggestions on how to connect with “new” allies and spirit guides?

    I’ve had some success by setting intentions both when drum-journeying and when sitting in ceremony… stating something like, “If there are any allies or spirit guides who would like to work with me at this time, please reveal yourself to me at this time.” Or something to that effect.

    I have also found that by regularly expressing gratitude and working directly with *known* allies- other, new allies often check in. It never hurts to work with the Sun, Moon, Mother Earth (Pachamama), etc= and it seems like Others in the Spirit World take notice!

    I connect with my known allies directly through prayer- making use of ceremonial tobacco.

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    Lee Havins

    I know we aren’t all from the same line or shamanic background and experience, so I think we probably won’t always use the same terminology to describe practices, spirit, guides, etc. But I would throw this out, anyway: The “allies” that I have identified for myself (and they are very few) seem to be most accessible through the use of a physical isolation tank, which is a mainline to a state of heightened awareness. With enough practice, that “tank space” can be maintained in the so-called “real” world, and with it the connection to my “spirit guides,” if you want to call them that.

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    Steve Staniek

    Lee – Your isolation tank seems to do the same job of deep relaxation, that my biocircuits do.

    Anyone with an autistic body knows how hard it is to relax in order to enter a trance state, in order to make contact with other spirits. Autistic muscles are chronically tense, and spasm easily, and getting down to a really relaxed state can be a challenge. The circuit helps me get down into deep relaxation, increases my sensitivity to energies, and helps me stay focused, (until I fall asleep).

    Biocircuits were invented and developed by a British pilot named Eeman back in the 40s. He developed a “relaxation circuit” designed to rebalance the subtle energies in our bodies. It is a completely passive device that does not use any external energy source (no batteries), it only redistributes your own subtle energies over about half an hour of lying in circuit.

    Making a biocircuit with some copper mesh squares (4″x4″), or silk squares, and conducting wires or strips of silk is fairly easy. Different designs are available on line, or you can buy a ready made one for around $250.

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