What do you do to connect with your allies?

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      Does anyone have any suggestions for connecting with allies and spirit guides?

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      Hi Megan! Are you looking for suggestions on how to connect with “new” allies and spirit guides?

      I’ve had some success by setting intentions both when drum-journeying and when sitting in ceremony… stating something like, “If there are any allies or spirit guides who would like to work with me at this time, please reveal yourself to me at this time.” Or something to that effect.

      I have also found that by regularly expressing gratitude and working directly with *known* allies- other, new allies often check in. It never hurts to work with the Sun, Moon, Mother Earth (Pachamama), etc= and it seems like Others in the Spirit World take notice!

      I connect with my known allies directly through prayer- making use of ceremonial tobacco.

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      Lee Havins

      I know we aren’t all from the same line or shamanic background and experience, so I think we probably won’t always use the same terminology to describe practices, spirit, guides, etc. But I would throw this out, anyway: The “allies” that I have identified for myself (and they are very few) seem to be most accessible through the use of a physical isolation tank, which is a mainline to a state of heightened awareness. With enough practice, that “tank space” can be maintained in the so-called “real” world, and with it the connection to my “spirit guides,” if you want to call them that.

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      Steve Staniek

      Lee – Your isolation tank seems to do the same job of deep relaxation, that my biocircuits do.

      Anyone with an autistic body knows how hard it is to relax in order to enter a trance state, in order to make contact with other spirits. Autistic muscles are chronically tense, and spasm easily, and getting down to a really relaxed state can be a challenge. The circuit helps me get down into deep relaxation, increases my sensitivity to energies, and helps me stay focused, (until I fall asleep).

      Biocircuits were invented and developed by a British pilot named Eeman back in the 40s. He developed a “relaxation circuit” designed to rebalance the subtle energies in our bodies. It is a completely passive device that does not use any external energy source (no batteries), it only redistributes your own subtle energies over about half an hour of lying in circuit.

      Making a biocircuit with some copper mesh squares (4″x4″), or silk squares, and conducting wires or strips of silk is fairly easy. Different designs are available on line, or you can buy a ready made one for around $250.

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      In my experience my power animal came to me out of the blue before I knew what one was. I find that each part of nature has its own essence and gift. If I were you, I would build a relationship with any part of nature that calls to you. If is is a stone, work with the stone, get comfortable trusting its messages and your experiences with it. There are so many, all with special gifts. What you desire will come to you. I find so many people get wrapped up in finding their guides, yet my experience is to feel, know and see all the gifts that are before you. Building relationships brings more and more gifts.

      Or use deep breathing, Deep Breath until you can feel your own rhythm. Then follow the breath from the top of your head and out your feet. When you are comfortable with this experience the breath from your feet up your body and out the top of you head……practice that and I will tell you more.If you do not work at it daily or a few times a week, this will not work.

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      Amanda Hovey

      Emailed to Members Services Coordinator:

      Hi DeeBee,

      Thank you again. I’ve tried many things/ways to tune and ready myself to make contact with spirit guides and helpers. When I can actually relax my spastic autistic body enough, and then stop my incessant chatter, I can get a small fleeting glimpse of what/who I’m trying to contact, but not enough to work with in any meaningful way.
      I believe that spirits brought me to where I am living now, and that they’re communicating with me outside of my conscious awareness.
      I believe they guide and teach me, but it feels like it’s all one-way communication. I need some ‘interaction’ in order to maintain my mental stability and sovereignty, and not feel like I’m just a robot, mindlessly doing their bidding.
      In the case of the Witnessing Tree Spirits bioluminescence event (which I now know to be an orgone energy event), I was summoned at 4:00 AM from my sleep to visit the glen on my property where the dying ash tree event was unfolding. I never do this normally. So did my higher self arrange this so that I could witness the transition zone of life and death for myself, or was it a kindred spirit sharing nature’s secrets?

      I have not tried controlled breathing like holotropic breath work, but it sounds promising, and I’m willing to try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      Hugs, Steve Staniek

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      Hi Steve……….I have no idea how your body works yet I would love to work with you to see if my technique will work for you..am off to dialysis yet will share more deeply with you..give you small things to do to see if you can get past some of the areas you need help in….ttyl DeeBee

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      So sorry how I forgot I get bad headaches from D…will get back to you Steve

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      1. sit or lie down for 5 min and be aware of breathing deep into your belly….in through your nose down to your belly

      2. after you have done that for a week or so, and it feels very comfortable….imagine, on the in breath, energy flowing * i use a beam of white light* from the universe to your head into your body to your belly, and then on the out breath, image the energy going down from your belly out your feet and into mother earth……. You have to practice these, it may sound simple yet I found it is important to do this with total ease…make it second nature…………let me know how this works and U will go on.

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      Raven Kaldera

      I make small altars (OK, some of them are large) as focal points for each “ally” – that word always feels weird because some of them might fit into that paradigm, but some are definitely bosses or teachers or parental. But an altar can be as simple as a little box with a couple of items. Once you use it often enough as a focal point to work with that Spirit (and making offerings on or in front of the altar really helps too) it eventually becomes something between a door and a cellphone number, a tiny spot for their energy to inhabit in your home that you can turn to and usually get a clear signal, given your own personal “signal clarity” at the moment. Also, a short chant or song for each one helps as well. And it shows that Spirit that you are offering it a small amount of hospitality in your home.

      I feel for the ASD folks who commented on the difficulty with calming the body – one of my many medical issues is Tourette Syndrome, so being completely still is not neurologically possible for me, and I’m usually in a tense state to prevent egregious tics. Instead, I focus on rhythmic body movements and chanting while focusing, which bypasses the Tourettes, even harnesses it to the purpose.

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      Barbara-Lynn Freed

      I’ve primarily worked with the Seven Sacred Directions for the past 27 years and because of our intimate relationship I’m in constant contact with them pretty much 24/7. Yes, they come into my night dreams too! We regularly have conversations about all sorts of things. The main thing though is always treat whatever ally you are connecting with…with honor and respect. In time that ally will tell you how to connect with it.

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