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Amanda Hovey

Business Name

Into the Journey

About me

Amanda is a performing artist, photographer/graphic artist, and ceremonialist. As a shamanic practitioner with the Power Path School of Shamanism, she focuses on removing blocks that no longer serve the higher self nor the collective thus opening the door to one’s medicine through true life’s work. As a parent, she values the many opportunities for teaching and integrating the shamanic path with her children and strives to continue these teachings globally, cultivating this path for our future generations. To request a space clearing or healing call 206-351-1543.

Amanda is the former Director of Operations for the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, former Director of Events and Media with Society for Shamanic Practice, and owner of Wild Crane Photography.

For bookings, please contact through email, text or by phone:, 206-351-1543







Experience Level

Shamanic Practitioner

Lineage of Study

North American Shamanism, South American Shamanism

My Service Offerings

Shamanic Healing, Coaching/Counseling


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