How can we identify a summoning spirit?

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    Steve Staniek

    I work with a community of nature spirits on my property, eg: trees, rocks, birds, and all beings in between. I awoke one night and could not sleep. I walked outside to have an unexpected encounter with the numinous. I believe that I was called by a spirit in that community to experience that spiritual event, but which one summoned me?

    How can I identify the spirit that summoned me?

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    Tom Cowan

    When I encounter a spirit that I am unfamiliar with, I always ask my primary power animal and helping spirit to identify it for me. Sometimes I ask several of my usual spirit companions for their advice on working with a new or unfamiliar spirit.

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    Steve Staniek

    Thanks Tom.
    My question betrays my trust issues. While I trust my community of spirits, I’ve heard that nature spirits can include some unfriendly, tricky, spirits or entities capable of producing spiritual mayhem.
    I’ll try to include my power animals more intimately, I just don’t want to burden them with trivial stuff.

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