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    Genie Hobbs

    One of my favorite things to do is to drum up the sun. a friend and I went to a place in the foothills of the Rockies on the Winter Solstice to do that very thing. There were lots of reasons to stay home ~ really cold, super early, busy life, etc . . . . but the minute we got in the car, all of the resistance melted away and I discovered my excitement about the practice.

    we drummed for about 30 minutes, each of us in contemplation and prayer . . . peaceful, powerful and more connected to the great mystery.

    and yes the sun did come up. it was glorious!

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    In my experience there is nothing more revealing than the “messages” emanating from the “first light” of daybreak. The “light codices” of sunrise are much different than those of sunset.

    It is my perception that “Sun Gazing” activates our Ancestral DNA which expands our Awareness.

    All Honor to Grandfather Sun ☀️

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