Anthology on Shamanism and Disability

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      Raven Kaldera

      So the Gods and spirits I work with have been pushing me for some time to put together a book on shamanic practice for people with disabilities – physical, mental, neurological, etc. I want it to be a supportive, compassionate, useful book that does not penalize anyone for being disabled, nor suggest that they aren’t “doing it right” if they aren’t magically healed. I’m not looking for stuff about how everyone can be “fixed” if they just do XYZ. I’m looking for helpful material for people trying to do this work regardless of what’s difficult for them.

      So I’m looking for submissions from people who have struggled with the intersection of shamanic practice and disability. What if you can’t climb a mountain, or fast, or sit still during meditation, or even get out of bed? What if mental illness makes you doubt whether the visions you’re having are real or your own sock puppets? How can you create a shamanic practice around your limitations? If you’ve got written accounts, please send them to me at (That’s a public email, I’m fine with having it passed around.) If you aren’t up to writing an essay but could answer questions in an email interview, or even a recorded Zoom interview, I’m down for that as well.

      Essays should be no more than 10K words, and sent in a Word document. You don’t have to use your real name. I’m setting a tentative deadline for June 21st,the Summer Solstice, 2021. Please feel free to pass this CFS to anyone who might be interested. Let’s help people to know that the sacred spirits are there for anyone regardless of what bodies they’ve been given this time around.

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