What secrets are within your spirit animal?

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      Hi there! New to my shaman journey but have been exploring spirituality and connection for a while now and have felt that shamanism is my path, call it intuition?

      Upon listening to one of the audios to find your spirit animal, I discovered that it was a green cockatoo. When prompted with asking my spirit animal a deep question, I asked what’s the source of it’s power. My focus was guided towards its wings and bright colors, and I sensed it was its beauty as a means of protection. If you find it beautiful then it has value, thus making it a live treasure. In this I found that the colors of the cockatoo represents aura, and I can use aura (beauty) to induce trances, or hypnosis if you will. I know, it can sound kind of scary, right? But with any practice intent is the determining factor of the effect of the used power. I guess I have some exploring to do since this is all new to me..

      Anyways, I was curious to know if anyone else had discovered the source of their spirit animal’s power, how it relates to them, and their soul purpose on how they’ll use it to bring balance and harmony to themselves and the world as a whole. (Something to think about, huh?)

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      Joseph Abbott

      Interesting question. So what secrets are hidden in your spirit animal? the main secret for me is the fact, that my Animal guides ( yes I said Guides plural. The first guide I encountered was a Fox, this animal followed me around for many years, when I use to Work jobs, attend school and was raising my son and caring for his ill mother. when I reawakened spiritually, I realized, i was being told to stop focusing on life and take time to play and have fun. My guide throughout my training , and main one now is a Bat. I am trained as a scientist. Shamanism, was never even in my mind, before I was called to this life, as a scientist I needed proof, analytical reproducible proof. My Bat, has taught me to see through my other senses and proof comes in more ways than through the eyes. I am an introvert, so communication and teaching is outside of my comfort zone. I was always feeling weak and vulnerable that is when the strength, nurturing and protectiveness and work with children and the dying, is needed I have a Female mother Bear that guides me. Also, When needed to lead that archetypal Alpha Wolf manifests.
      Many will say that you need one guide and only one to work with, I have found that the guides are just an extension of our own Soul. The conversations and teachings are the internal dialogue we have with ourselves.
      Spirit knows that sometimes we have the inability to relate to parts of ourselves because of shadows and past wounds. As I have accepted healing and wisdom , there has been less need for these guides.
      As I deepen my connection to nature, universal consciousness and spirit, I do not need an animal intermediary. I talk directly to those who I serve. This is the secret of my Spirit animals. I am them and they are me. There is no division, no duality I am a reflection of Spirit in this world.

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        e s

        I would say that because I regard plants and animals as conscious beings with their own interdependent identity and social responsibility, what is hard for me is treating them just as symbols. So I can really only get into an animal spirit connection beyond a symbolic spiritual connection if I’m in working relationship with the being. So for me, that has been the tawny frogmouth, as I have lived and slept alongside one, and it was following me around, and appearing especially when I was doing photography work for animal welfare. They have a tendency to successfully hide themselves and watch whoever is in their environment for a long time before they would think of revealing themselves, so it was a huge compliment, and one I am very proud of.

        Bats are also an animal I have been working with, though have not explored the symbolic aspects much at all, as it has been inspired through scientific issues, such as their struggle being veridical validation for the disaffects of climate change. But its interesting therefore to note a link with science and scientific inquiry. The bats I am interested in are specifically fruit bats, not blind bats.

        Bears to me are a symbol of my early neolithic ancestors and their religious practice. Bears and wolves are symbols of winter. Wolves are also symbols of liminality, especially social, though for me, cats fulfill that role more, since they have been around me my whole life. Infact, I was even mothered by one.

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      We are living in oneness so I am them and them are I.
      The tricky part is when a mosquito or fly lands on you, and because of oneness, you are also that mosquito or fly…

      I journey, speak to my guides and often I get an animal to work with for that day or for an issue.

      Some animals (=simplified):
      The porcupine – because I had for long time, really hard to trust people but still was brutally honest and open minded which of course hurted other. Have found lots of puzzle piece to that chapter, but still looking for more.

      The wolf – I need my own tribe, but I also need a lot of by myself time. Slowly moving towards that direction.
      Still wondering: Where is my tribe? Who are as chatty or quiet as me? Who are creative, love nature, shamanism and playing with energy as much I do?

      Yes, I admit, I am nervous, I dont like to write on forums or write anything online, because my reality is changing and what I hold for a truth today for sure will be updated when I grow step by step. So please be brutal honest in contact with me, I prefer whole you, not only the parts you believe I like or can handle. Because we are one, what I see in you, is also parts of me, wants to be reconnected so I can respect myself and you in oneness.

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