What secrets are within your spirit animal?

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      Hi there! New to my shaman journey but have been exploring spirituality and connection for a while now and have felt that shamanism is my path, call it intuition?

      Upon listening to one of the audios to find your spirit animal, I discovered that it was a green cockatoo. When prompted with asking my spirit animal a deep question, I asked what’s the source of it’s power. My focus was guided towards its wings and bright colors, and I sensed it was its beauty as a means of protection. If you find it beautiful then it has value, thus making it a live treasure. In this I found that the colors of the cockatoo represents aura, and I can use aura (beauty) to induce trances, or hypnosis if you will. I know, it can sound kind of scary, right? But with any practice intent is the determining factor of the effect of the used power. I guess I have some exploring to do since this is all new to me..

      Anyways, I was curious to know if anyone else had discovered the source of their spirit animal’s power, how it relates to them, and their soul purpose on how they’ll use it to bring balance and harmony to themselves and the world as a whole. (Something to think about, huh?)

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