The four directions of the medicine wheel in the southern hemishere

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      Elaine Whitwam

      Living in South Africa and in the process of constructing and energising a medicine wheel, I find the four directions to be different here to those in the Northern hemisphere e.g. the seasons are not the same. Can anyone put light on this subject. My instincts tell me to sense the different energies rather than listening to the standard principles. Thank you and greetings.

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      Greetings, Elaine!
      Although I live in the Northern hemisphere in the US, I have been to South Africa and the feel of the land and my orientation to the directions was different than when at home. Perhaps it does not have to be the directions OR your feelings. I always start with the four directions according to a compass, then adjust my personal orientation according to my feeling. The power from the direction guides me and “feels” right when I use this process. Of course, I would never speak for anyone else or give advice. I am simply telling what process I use.
      Blessings to you, your loved ones, and to your beautiful country!

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