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    Jaime Meyer

    I hope this doesn’t sound too snarky: There are several kinds of books out where you can look up your power animal. They tell you what they “mean” and what powers they have. This is useful, but I frequently caution my students to remember that spirit guides have their own life. They are Spirit dressed up as, say, a wolverine, in order to work with you. They might choose that form for their own reasons. But their powers are not limited to the material realm’s wolverine limits. The core of working with your guides is to build the relationship, which means be open, and not be biased. I frequently compare this to how we work in “real” world relationships. If there was a book on what powers a 39 year-old Hispanic woman brings to you in relationship, you’d likely say, yeah, but you can’t shrink a whole human down to a definition in a book. She has a whole life and her own personality. Exactly. So, please don’t misunderstand, I’m not all “against” these books, I just encourage you think of them as a very basic starting place for relationship building.

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