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    Pamela Dussault

    Hello dearest community,

    I unexpectedly crossed a soul who was stuck since BCE along with some artifact that seemed to be stolen and returned them to a place that seemed to be a temple. A powerfully loving man whose essence seemed expansive thanked me. Has anyone had an experience like this with a soul they didn’t know or an article they’ve never seen, to a place they don’t know? Is this common? Any suggestions for how I should ceremonially honor the experience? I’m feeling quite moved while left scratching my head :).

    Thank you in advance and much love to all

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    Jody Breton

    Hi Pam,

    Your experience is fascinating and what a gift and an honor you received in my perception.
    I have not had your experience exactly but I’ve had other very surprising occurrences during journeys.But then again I never expect anything because to be a hollow bone you don’t, right? Have you considered journeying to you helping spirits to ask for clarity around your experience?

    Thanks for sharing and I hope that you get your answers. Very special though!
    Jody Breton

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