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    Pamela Dussault

    Hello dearest community,

    I unexpectedly crossed a soul who was stuck since BCE along with some artifact that seemed to be stolen and returned them to a place that seemed to be a temple. A powerfully loving man whose essence seemed expansive thanked me. Has anyone had an experience like this with a soul they didn’t know or an article they’ve never seen, to a place they don’t know? Is this common? Any suggestions for how I should ceremonially honor the experience? I’m feeling quite moved while left scratching my head :).

    Thank you in advance and much love to all

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    Jody Breton

    Hi Pam,

    Your experience is fascinating and what a gift and an honor you received in my perception.
    I have not had your experience exactly but I’ve had other very surprising occurrences during journeys.But then again I never expect anything because to be a hollow bone you don’t, right? Have you considered journeying to you helping spirits to ask for clarity around your experience?

    Thanks for sharing and I hope that you get your answers. Very special though!
    Jody Breton

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    What this brought to my mind Pamela, was when I work to find a missing person. Your experience sounded like, that inadvertently you made contact with a person who needed a certain task done…for who knows what reason. Personally I feel it was an affirmation to you, to help you see one of your spiritual gifts, helping someone find their way using your spiritual mind. Has anything new come to you in regards to your vision.

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