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Jody Breton

About me

After many years as a medical professional Jody Breton heard the calling and followed her passion for connecting to the divine and to the world of spirit. Having spent many years developing a deep spiritual connection to the natural world and through the tutelage of many wisdom keepers Jody holds a sacred relationship with the web of life. As an Interfaith Minister and Shamanic Practitioner Jody comes richly steeped in spiritual traditions from many cultures which informs her practice of compassionate care within the realms of shamanism. Jody provides a safe and confidential space for you to express your deepest concerns. She will take your cares to her helping spirits for guidance on what is needed for your best and highest good towards your wholeness and to point you toward your true nature. Jody offers a full range of shamanic practices that are always guided by spirit. Distance sessions are welcomed.

Degree / Credentials
Interfaith Minister/Center For Earth Light Healing- Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher







Experience Level

Shamanic Practitioner

Lineage of Study

Core Shamanism

My Service Offerings

Shamanic Healing, Divination, Workshops/Trainings


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