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      Jason Morrow

      PTSD seems to be a growing phenom within the community and in the workplace especially with those that have been deployed to war zone, work in an correctional environment, or been incarcerated. What are the consensus and experiences y’all have with this growing issue?

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      Amanda Lydick

      Hello. I believe that I have been on a shamanism path for over 2 decades. That being said and the universal Spirit as my One guide I am also a modern healer with a medical science degree being a nurse. Volunteering to be away from home and family, I went to the COVID-19 Frontline and it was all but a war zone and not one with another country but rather a war of integrity, Personal resolve, and other righteous variety. After 14 months I returned home tattered and tried. Did I get a victory? Yes, many more than I was aware of while in the midst of the battle of life or death with plastic coatings and masks, no real training but that which Spirit had sent and if not for those helpers I believe I would have been killed seeing that it is now a proven fact I am capable of kneeling and obeying only One.
      I have been diagnosed with PTSD and then more came to pass post-frontline service…And I need toeantion or remind rather that Hospitals and Prisons are closely related. Think about that for a minute. It is sad, scary but so very very true.
      Now..Post further trials and more and more insult upon injury, I stand here typing the same person as before all this craptastic series of shenanigans to admit I suffer Complex PTSD with trauma activated migraine effects. It is possible to survive and be stronger than ever self care and unwavering love and merciful tolerance mimicking the divine example and with utmost immovable respect for the that which is Truth and Light…I am still here and still love you all. Be with me, stand with me. This is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. We will not fight. We will not allow what is not true, nor accept what is dark and hidden. It’s all up to us now, and we can be with one another and survive and thrive into a new way of being or we can be separated and alone and demise under in the fear growing within the very cells that we are made of.
      Do not allow fear undone. Undo it. Take it apart and look at it, make food for the wicked from the source of your curiosity about your own fear.. relate nutritional light and spiritual food for the ones lost in the dark and afraid of nothing other than themselves.

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