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      Steve Staniek

      I forgot to mention those messy, tearful shamanic mornings, when I wake up at the bottom of a pit.
      I turn to song prayers created by some of America’s great spiritual leaders.
      I’m Canadian, but their beautifully artful prayers [videos] lift my heart, fill and re-energize me with a different kind of spiritual energy that first floods me with shamanic tears, and then gets me off the couch and moving with renewed life force. You may know some of these, and I’d like to hear if anyone has others…
      1. “Morning Has Broken” and “Peace Train” by Cat Steven’s – These songs give me great hope.
      2. “Sweet Surrender” by cosmic minstrel John Denver…who served as a great American spirit
      3. “Together Again” by Janet Jackson – I like to think she’s singing to her higher self.
      4. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor – this is my fight song, when the other seems to have the upper hand.

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      Steve Staniek

      In summer, some of my mornings start on my waterfront deck, facing the rising sun to soak up morning prana, as my bird friends gather around me to share some breakfast seeds. I’ve started using a new singing bowl to set the tone. If I wake early enough, I walk down to the glen to offer greetings and thanks to my community of: trees, rocks, wind, and do a short meditation. I love to watch how the rising sun seems to awaken the trees as they go from sleepy two dimensional silhouettes against the night sky, to fully awakened three dimensional beings, illuminated by the morning sunrise.
      In winter, I stay indoors, and often say a morning prayer before the bathroom mirror, which I revise yearly, according to how my perspective of the world around me is changing.
      Here’s my current prayer which is a bit dark for a morning prayer, but right now, it contains some important affirmations I need to guide me on my chosen path:

      The Path to Spiritual Sovereignty

      Liberate your spirit by tearing up all contracts you made under duress,
      When you were weak, hopeless, and at the mercy
      Of the parasitic forces of darkness and their hierarchies,
      That continue to demand your worship and obedience.

      Open your heart-mind heroically to the All That Is within you.
      Embrace and transcend All of the darkness and All of the light,
      All the way up, and All the way down.
      Own every particle, photon, and space without judgment.

      Consult the divine within to remake your bond with the All That Is.
      It awaits your return to reclaim your spiritual sovereignty.
      Grow love of self to clear and fortify your sacred temple,
      Driving out the demons that feed on fear, hate, and despair.

      Never surrender your divine sovereignty again by kneeling before a throne.
      Know that your submission empowers the hierarchies of darkness.
      The All That Is does not demand worship or obedience.
      Mutual unconditional love is the path to spiritual bliss.

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      Steve Staniek

      DeeBee, thanks for your helpful comments. I’m an environmental empath, and I was forced to let it go at first because I became overwhelmed, almost paralyzed by the amount of energy-info surrounding the event. There are times when I’d love to just go with it, but the Fool in me wants more. Staying the course prompted me to study the transition zone of life, where I found what few others have found, the simple key to life and death in earth reality.

      Are you suggesting I did this? That I somehow orchestrated the luminous event to show my conscious self the secret of life and death that I released from my subconscious? I’ve never thought I had the ability to command nature, but I’ve just cracked the door open to discover that there are many more secrets waiting to be revealed.

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      Steve Staniek

      Lee – Your isolation tank seems to do the same job of deep relaxation, that my biocircuits do.

      Anyone with an autistic body knows how hard it is to relax in order to enter a trance state, in order to make contact with other spirits. Autistic muscles are chronically tense, and spasm easily, and getting down to a really relaxed state can be a challenge. The circuit helps me get down into deep relaxation, increases my sensitivity to energies, and helps me stay focused, (until I fall asleep).

      Biocircuits were invented and developed by a British pilot named Eeman back in the 40s. He developed a “relaxation circuit” designed to rebalance the subtle energies in our bodies. It is a completely passive device that does not use any external energy source (no batteries), it only redistributes your own subtle energies over about half an hour of lying in circuit.

      Making a biocircuit with some copper mesh squares (4″x4″), or silk squares, and conducting wires or strips of silk is fairly easy. Different designs are available on line, or you can buy a ready made one for around $250.

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      Steve Staniek

      Thanks Tom.
      My question betrays my trust issues. While I trust my community of spirits, I’ve heard that nature spirits can include some unfriendly, tricky, spirits or entities capable of producing spiritual mayhem.
      I’ll try to include my power animals more intimately, I just don’t want to burden them with trivial stuff.

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