A Tupay Journey: Conflict Resolution in Sacred Space

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Tupay: The Practice of “Conflict Resolution in Sacred Space”

This journey is based on the practice of Tupay (pronounced: too-pie), a practice used by the Q’ero people of the Peruvian Andes. Tupay roughly translates into, “conflict resolution in sacred space”. To the Q’ero, harmony among the people in their small mountain villages is very important to the wellness of the community. When two or more people are in conflict there is pressure from the community for those who are in discord to meet for Tupay, often with village members in witness. Those in conflict are seated opposite of each other, sacred space is created, and exchanges of blessings through k’intus (3 coca leaves, prayed into) are fed to each other. This helps the individuals move into an atmosphere of sacred space. From this sacred space, words of respect and understanding are exchanged. The goal of Tupay is to bring understanding to a situation, and through understanding, a greater sense of peace, acceptance, and resolution can be achieved.

The goal of Tupay is not necessarily getting what you want!–but about expressing your truth, being heard and the other person doing this as well, within a safe, sacred environment.

This adapted, guided journey is an opportunity for you to engage in conflict resolution (Tupay) with someone in non-ordinary reality. It may be an estranged friend, partner, or family member. You can even do Tupay with the spirit of a dead relative or loved one. You can begin this journey with a particular person in mind, or you can ask your helping spirits to bring forth (within the journey) a person where there is a present need for Tupay.

In Tupay, you are being held in sacred space in which your higher self, your wise self, can exchange with the wise, higher self of the other person. This is a journey of deep healing, and I encourage you to use this Tupay journey, especially in situations that may be too tense, or toxic for face to face communication.

Does the other person know after you have done Tupay with them?

Actually, on some level, yes. My students and clients report that they commonly will have some unexpected contact with the person of the Tupay journey not too long after the journey takes place. What has been observed is that the level of tension that previously existed, seems substantially reduced. Sometimes even unexpected reunions occur! But there are also times where you will never know. The best approach to Tupay is not to be attached to the outcome, but to seek understanding of your situation.

Incidentally, I created this Tupay journey for Hospice patients who were struggling to find resolution with estranged family members unlikely to visit the patient before their death. The practice brings enormous peace.

About Ana Larramendi

Ana has been studying shamanic traditions since 1989 and is an international teacher of shamanic healing practices. She is a minister, public speaker, Vision Quest leader, wilderness enthusiast, ceremonialist, chef, translator and an initiated mesa carrier in the Inka tradition.She is a full-time shamanic teacher and healer, at The Hollow Bone, a private practice in Madison, Wisconsin. She offers a full range of shamanic healing forms, space clearing, and various land healing practices.She has spent her life weaving together her spirituality with nature skills creating a skill-set of tools for land healing and teaching students to detect and heal earth trauma.

Thank you for participating! If you have further questions you may contact me, Ana, at: anawasi@thehollowbone.com


  1. Jody Breton

    Such a beautiful practice; thank you 🙏🏻
    Rev Jody Breton

  2. Connie Rogers

    Beautiful ~ Thank you ♡

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