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Ana Larramendi

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The Hollow Bone

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Ana has been studying shamanic traditions since 1989 and is an international teacher of shamanic healing practices. She is a minister, public speaker, Vision Quest leader, wilderness enthusiast, ceremonialist, chef, translator and an initiated mesa carrier in the Inka tradition. She is a full-time shamanic teacher and healer at The Hollow Bone with a private practice in rural, southern, Wisconsin. She hosts intimate small group classes in her home, and also offers in-depth shamanic healing by phone, remotely, or sessions in-person. Ana’s earth work includes space clearings and blessings, and various land healing practices. She has spent her life weaving together her spirituality with nature skills creating a skill-set of tools for land healing and teaching students to detect and heal earth trauma.
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Practicing since 1989







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Shamanic Teacher

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Shamanic Healing, Coaching/Counseling, Workshops/Trainings


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