Connecting with Your Natural Allies

Nature Solo | Mora, New Mexico | June 9 - 13, 2019

Co-sponsored by the Society for Shamanic Practice and Power Path School of Shamanism

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Nature has long been a source of power, support and guidance for shamanic cultures. Our 2019 Nature Solo is oriented towards helping you strengthen your shamanic connection with nature as an ally. The earth and the sky, the plants and animals, and each of the directions guide us into connection with ourselves and with spirit. We invite you to join us on a journey to rejuvenate, reset, and to deepen your relationship with your natural allies.

You’ll provide your own tent and camping supplies, you’ll arrange your own travel. Options include flying to Denver or Albuquerque and renting a car or taking a shuttle to Santa Fe. You can also fly directly into Santa Fe. If enough participants are interested, SSP can provide transportation from Santa Fe or Albuquerque to Eagle Bear for an additional charge. Let us know if you are interested in this option.

During the solo, you may choose to fast or not, based on your goals and needs. When you formally register, you’ll be sent more detailed information with specific directions to the the ranch, travel suggestions and ideas about fasting.

What to Expect

This event takes place on the rugged land of Eagle Bear Healing Retreat north east of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This land and the solo sites have been prepared and worked with shamanically for 20 years. You’ll have many solo questing sites to chose from depending on your mobility and physical needs. Some are easy to hike to, others are more remote and challenging. Each solo site has been carefully chosen and worked with energetically to support your solo experiences. You will be placed on a specific site based on the type of site you desire, the size of your tent, and your ability to hike (or not) over uneven and sometimes steep ground and carry a pack.

Connecting with Your Natural Allies is a 5 day, 3 night solo event with preparation and integration time at the beginning and end. Upon arrival you will be supported in special preparation for your solo by the Power Path School of Shamanism and our Society for Shamanic Practice board members. This time will include clarifying your intention and sharing of suggested shamanic practices for you to explore during your time on the land. When your solo begins you will be led to a specific site within the energetically protected space of Eagle Bear. During this time you will be supported by prayers, nature and the spirits of the land. You will be on the same site for the entire 3 days and 3 nights with safety logistics and organized support in place should any issues arise. Upon your return from solo, the group will gather for a group dinner, integration, evening fire circle, and community time

A note about physical demands: Some of the solo sites are only accessible via hike and you will need to carry all of your gear to get to your spot. We do have a few drop off sites for those who cannot carry for a long way.

Eagle Bear Healing Retreat

The Eagle Bear Healing Retreat is 900 acres of beauty, 1 hour and 45 minutes NE of Santa Fe, 2 and 1/2 hours from Albuquerque. It is a very special wilderness that includes mixed conifer forests of ponderosa, lodgepole pine, blue spruce, firs, and pinons. There are thickets, ponds, broad meadows, and rocky ridges with views of the plains and the Rocky Mountains. Wildlife includes elk, deer, porcupine, skunk, fox, raven, eagle, hawk, rare shy mountain lion, and the occasional bear. Located at an elevation of 7500 ft., the land is in a rare dark area with no city lights to interfere with the night sky and the Milky Way. June is a good month to visit the ranch as there is lots of daylight, no rain and no bugs.

Eagle Bear has been visited by Hucihol, Shipibo, and Native American shamans and medicine people who have conducted a variety of ceremonies to bring out the healing nature of the land. Thus Eagle Bear will nurture, support, heal, and teach you during your time there.

What recent participants are saying about our solo programs

“I was skeptical and a bit scared, but also more than a little curious what all the fuss was. After two brutal days wrestling with my head, I found and touched a peaceful anchor in myself that I never knew about — and it has deepened my spiritual practice and made me calmer and more patient in my day to day life.” Scott- Austin TX

“Being silent pulled out emotions I had put away, and I was able to befriend them as a process of self-healing. My imagination became more alive in silence which guided my curiosity for what was happening in my mind, body, and surroundings. Jose, Lena and Anna are loving guides on this beautiful retreat and I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for self awareness and peace on this journey called life.” Pauline-Bantam, CT

“Nature took me back to some of the fundamental roots of my humanness and helped me to heal some pervasive patterns. I thought that I would be struggling with boredom, but that never happened. every moment had some sort of magic to it and I was able to fully take advantage of the opportunities for learning, growth and healing. I came back feeling radiant and blessed.” Vlaiko-Chicago IL

“At Eagle Bear I truly experience being nurtured, supported and loved by the land. I have come away from both of my solos feeling feeling restored, empowered and inspired!”Marion-Asheville, NC



Arrive at 10AM
Solo prep and group lunch
Leave for solo around 4PM

JUNE 9 – 12

4 days and 3 nights of solo on the land

Return from solo at 3-4pm
Group dinner, integration, evening fire circle, community time
Depart after breakfast


$375 for members / $425 for non-members
Become a member to take advantage of this discount.

Tuition includes all group meals while in camp for preparation and integration.

$100 deposit is required to hold your space, and final payment is due by May 9, 2019. Refunds are available minus a $35 admin fee up to the final payment deadline. Registration cut off date is June 8, 2019.

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