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Moving with the Moon

March 19 - June 20


A living workshop in Shamanic Astrology

Awaken with the Medicine of the Sky

Do you ever long for a roadmap to your own awakening? Or to tap into a lasting sense of trust in Spirit, and the mystical unfolding of your path?

Do you ever want more support in your journey of self-healing? Or clarity and guidance around your path of service?

Or what about a greater sense of wonder and joy as you navigate life?

The medicine of the natural world, and in particular the Medicine of the Sky, is one of the most lasting salves I’ve encountered for these sort of longings.

From a shamanic perspective, the Sky helps us remember ourselves as children of the Universe, and reclaim Spirit as our true and primary guide in life.

In doing so we naturally catalyze an internal process that moves us towards wholeness, well-being and self-enlightenment.

We begin to remember who we are and why we came here. And over time, awaken our capacity to serve with confidence and integrity.

When I first started exploring my own relationship to the Sky, I was overwhelmed by its vastness and didn’t know where to begin. It wasn’t until my study of shamanism converged with my lifelong interest in astrology, that I began to see a way.

Just as the Earth contains volumes of medicine stored in her plants, animals and elementals, the Sky also contains a mecca of medicine stored in celestial bodies like the sun, moon, stars, planets, and asteroids.

And in the same way that certain plants or animals might make their way into our lives to guide our healing, there is also a divine intelligence to the orbiting Sky Beings who emerge on our path as we travel through the Cosmos.

Through consciously engaging with these beings, I have become more and more aware of their immense power and innate desire to be of service to us, especially at this pivotal time of awakening and change on our planet.

I’m aware of how much they have to offer us as individuals– helping us to heal, awaken and activate dormant aspects of our True Selves.

And I also recognize their ability to unite us as a divinely orchestrated network of healers and change makers, in service to our collective evolution.

Moving with the Moon is born out of this awareness. It’s a brand new offering, intended to create an easy and ongoing way of connecting to the wisdom of the Sky Realm.

It’s a space for each one of us to do the ongoing work of healing and reclaiming our connection to Spirit.

And it’s a space to align with the medicine of the times– to open and surrender to the vast intelligence of our path through the Cosmos, and to receive the ever-present and benevolent guidance, mentorship and protection that is all around us.

If this speaks to you, I hope you will join.

A new adventure awaits!

Megan Theoret
Course Creator



How It Works

Tuning In: At the start of each Zodiac season we begin by tuning in and opening to the planetary and stellar influences for the month ahead, with special focus on the full and new moons to come.

Opening: With this awareness you will be invited to into suggested shamanic practices and embodiment exercises to open and explore your connection with the presenting allies.

Deepening: During our new and full moon events, we come together as a group for guided drum journeys and light language sessions to further activate and deepen our relationship with the allies.

Integration: In the last part of the month we integrate our learnings through our own reflective practices, as well as through community sharing and dialogue in our virtual learning platform.

Begin Again: Each time the sun moves into a new sign in the Zodiac, we begin again. Our workshop is living, evolving and ongoing. You’re invited to participate on a monthly or annual basis.

The Feminine as our Guide

Though many shamanic traditions refer to the Sky as ‘Father’, there is also a recognition that the feminine and masculine are inextricably betwixt and between one another. Where you look for one, the other inevitably appears. And within the Sky, there are many feminine beings.

La Luna, our moon and nearest celestial ally, is one of these beings. She is a master at receiving and reflecting the medicine of our Sun and each constellation in our Zodiac.

Within the vast and potentially overwhelming expanse of the Cosmos, her lunations guide our attention day by day to the places where it is needed the most.

As her new and full moon cycles amplify the medicine of the Zodiac, she offers us a map for apprenticing to these12 powerhouse allies, and methodically invites us into awakening and integrating theses 12 archetypes within ourselves.

Thus our relationship to the Sky Realm is guided through Moving with the Moon.

Who this Workshop is For

Moving with the Moon is for anyone who feels a call to the path of service, and to walk that path from a place of joy, authenticity and integrity. It is especially ideal for those drawn to nature-based spirituality and shamanic practice as a means of discovering and awakening the True Self.

It is for anyone who is longing for more connection to Spirit and the Sky Realm. And it is for anyone who would like to have the support of a celestially informed map to guide their healing and personal development, and empower their creativity and contribution to the world.

What You’ll Receive

Monthly Astro Report 🌝 focused and digestible astrology report for the coming Zodiac season, highlighting visiting planetary and stellar influences and opportunities for the month ahead.

Suggested Monthly Practices 🌝 shamanic practices, embodiment practices and contemplations to help you connect with the presenting spirit guides for the month.

New Moon and Full Moon Journeys 🌝 live 60-minute online events featuring shamanic drum journeys and channeled light language sessions (recorded for those who can’t attend live).

Seasonal Ceremonies 🌝 live 90-minute online events on the Equinoxes and Solstices to align with the seasons and welcome new members (recorded for those who can’t attend).

Shamanic Astrology Teachings 🌝 intro videos and as needed supplemental course materials to deepen your understanding of astrology, shamanism and their intersection.

Online Community & Discussion Group 🌝 access to online platform to engage in discussion and sharing as part of your learning and integration each month.


Join us for a free 30-day trial during Eclipse Season. Option to join monthly or annually after that. Cancel anytime.

For more information and to register: https://medicineweaver.org/moving-with-the-moon/


March 19
June 20


Megan Theoret
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