Transforming Fears: A Healing Journey

by Audio, Healing Methods (Audio)

Call in the directions and your allies for extra protection prior to listening to this audio. If helpful, write a list of current fears you are wanting to transform and move through. After a thorough cleansing from tobacco, Deva guides us deep into mother earth where a crystal is presented and brought into the heart, supporting grounding, wisdom and love during these times of transition.

About Deva Powell

Deva Powell is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual coach and yoga teacher trainer. He has been professionally facilitating shamanic ceremonies for over a decade. His expertise includes: awakening intuition, building personal power, teaching the art of protection and boundary setting, transforming addictions and working with death energy.

Deva brings nearly two decades of shamanic experience to clients and students from all walks of life. He is available for private healing sessions, intuitive consultation, group ceremonies and space clearings. For further information, visit

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  1. Rowena Hillier

    Thank you for a lovely journey.

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