Mongolian Ceremony to Clear COVID-19 from USA

by Audio, Shamanism Without Borders (Audio)

Beginning Monday, July 27th, 2020, 12 Mongolian Shamans gathered with over 900 live webinar attendees from around the world to open a 14-day Ceremony aimed at clearing COVID-19 from the USA. A heartfelt thank you to Bachi, the shamans, allies, families and communities for all the work that went into supporting this cause. And thank you to those who were able to join us live and those who are participating via playback.

Please keep in mind, these are live streaming events from Mongolia. In the opening ceremony shamans are entering into a process to connect with their helping spirits, ask for clarity, ask what is needed, and how to be in service to the earth, humanity, and all living things. The footage and audio from this event are raw and have not been edited. 


  1. Eileen Mullard

    I’m an expat living in U.K. . So just listened to the zoom recording. Thank you sooo much for doing this. Great job Amanda and Bachi! Very moving indeed look forward to today’s further Q&A and then the fire ceremony. Ho!

  2. Valerie Ariel Van Haltern

    blessings, gratitude to all Shaman Friends in Mongolia, Miss being there but am there w/you in heart and spirit A ho ariel valerie

  3. Teresa Wojtowicz

    This was such a profound experience. Several of us gathered in my garden in Lansing, Michigan. We built a sacred fire. It was cumbersome to join in live with the our Mongolian friends. So, we prepared a despacho with all of the ingredients called for in the Mongolian ceremony list. I wish I could share the photos. The despacho was beautiful. The photo made it look like it was assembled in a cloudy, blue sky. I offer deep gratitude to Bachi and his community for helping us in this way. May we be restored to balance with grace and ease.

  4. Jody Breton

    Many thanks and blessings to Bachi and the Shaman ceremony leaders for their gift to the people of the world particularly the US. What an incredible experience to witness and gift to receive. Thank you everyone at SSP for bringing Bachi and the Mongolian Shamans to us. I’m very grateful.

  5. John Paul Fischbach (EagleHeart)

    I received a very clear message during the opening ceremony that was later confirmed when Bachi spoke with the shaman with the long yellow nails.

    One of the times that we lost connection I thought, “never mind, I’ll just go there” so I astral travelled myself them. I waited just outside the circle. Very quickly I was acknowledged and welcomed to sit with them in circle. I asked if I could use one of their fires for an offering and prayer. I was directed to a particular fire where I offered my prayers and gratitude and asked if I might join with the spirits of this ceremony. When I made my way back to the circle I was immediately pulled into council. It seemed that they were all communicating with the same multidimensional spirit / guide / entity.

    A strong clear message came. “you need to know this” and it continued.. “The old white men (they were very adamant about that phrase) who created this virus truly believed it would solve the problem. They have made a big mistake! They are misguided. Their egos have led them to the wrong conclusion. They sincerely believe that the solution to our problems is to reduce the population of the earth by 2/3. They are misguided. The solution is to change the hearts and minds not simply reduce the numbers. We must ask the earth and all of nature to help clean up this mistake and then we must carry on to help evolve the minds and hearts of the people.”

    My medicine name is EagleHeart because I can find a place in my heart for all beings. The emotion of forgiveness swept over me as I understood that these misguided and powerful men (what a diabolical combination) have done / are doing what they believe will ultimately be for the good. I can feel how separated they are.

    I’ve continued to stay connected to this work since the fire ceremony…About four days ago I journeyed back and was instructed that we must modify the approach to eradicating the virus. Because this is not a “natural” virus the earth can not call it and absorb it. I was asked to use light and the radiation within light to burn the virus in the air and on exposed surfaces. Interestingly this related to the fire ceremony vision of seeing the black dragon burn with fire on its back.

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