June SWB New Moon Ceremony: Healing Our Relationship with Water

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      Joan Levergood

      It was an honor to lead the June ceremony to heal our relationship with water. Since the ceremony, I have heard from many others who have been called to do similar work for their local waters. As thunderstorms race across the prairie and into the Great Lakes Region today where I live, local flooding has shut down our Lake Shore Drive and many roads are flooded. The great Mississippi River continues flooding to the west. while drought in the northwest brings Canadian wildfires. Some days I can smell the smoke from the fires in Chicago.

      There is continued work to be done to honor and heal the waters. I am committed to performing regular ceremonies for my local waters and the waters that I love.

      How about you?
      What was your experience during the ceremony?
      Are you already in relationship with your local waters?
      Did the water give you a message?
      Do you feel your relationship with water has changed?

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      There is a local small stream I visit yearly. This particular year after my visit I kept thinking about a small brown trout that was about 10 inches long, for 3 days I could not stop thinking about it. Finally while resting I decided to go to this stream as this is where I had seen a trout. My sista came along with me. To my surprise I found the trout, in less water than he could actually breath. My sister ran to the car to get a bucket, scooped some water and came to me. When she was close enough I grabbed the little trout and threw him in the bucket of stream water, Yeah he was still alive. We took him to the big river and let him swim free. This was all about the gift of the magic of water.

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