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      We are living in oneness so I am them and them are I.
      The tricky part is when a mosquito or fly lands on you, and because of oneness, you are also that mosquito or fly…

      I journey, speak to my guides and often I get an animal to work with for that day or for an issue.

      Some animals (=simplified):
      The porcupine – because I had for long time, really hard to trust people but still was brutally honest and open minded which of course hurted other. Have found lots of puzzle piece to that chapter, but still looking for more.

      The wolf – I need my own tribe, but I also need a lot of by myself time. Slowly moving towards that direction.
      Still wondering: Where is my tribe? Who are as chatty or quiet as me? Who are creative, love nature, shamanism and playing with energy as much I do?

      Yes, I admit, I am nervous, I dont like to write on forums or write anything online, because my reality is changing and what I hold for a truth today for sure will be updated when I grow step by step. So please be brutal honest in contact with me, I prefer whole you, not only the parts you believe I like or can handle. Because we are one, what I see in you, is also parts of me, wants to be reconnected so I can respect myself and you in oneness.

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      I smile and humble agree. Follow the treads which goes deep within you and let you be guided by what feels tingling and sparks true to you.

      My journey has led me to find different kind of power animals for my clients or other people who ask. Q:What is my animal for today? A:Raven

      Still remember with amusement when I saw a zebra and the person said: ‘Have I come to a crossroad?’

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