Tending to the Colorado Fires

by Jan 12, 2022


This is a Shamanism Without Borders Call-to-Action.

The recent wildfires in Boulder County, Colorado have displaced or destroyed many of our relations. This fire occurred in just a few hours and was driven by extremely high, historic winds that destroyed 1000 homes. There are thousands of people and animals that have been displaced throughout the 6000 acres of land burned by the wildfires. This has caused both physical and emotional/mental suffering due to the loss of homes, businesses, animals and loved ones. Heavy snowfall in the area has now exacerbated the situation. Shamanism Without Borders Community Leader Rian Pelati will guide us through a Shamanism Without Borders tending to support the land after this shock and those who are suffering in the aftermath of these fires. We will be using the Shamanism Without Borders process of working with shamanic tools from a neutral place of non-judgement.



Create sacred ceremonial space in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by other people or loud noises. Set up a small altar, light a candle, and have your shamanic tools nearby. You are welcome to rattle or drum along during the shamanic journey process.


Visit our Facebook Group to share comments about your journey, or visit the Shamanism Without Borders page to learn more about how you can get involved with this meaningful work.

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