Tending International Borders:
Ukraine and Russia

by Feb 17, 2022



This is a Shamanism Without Borders Call-to-Action.


Sometimes the entire world puts their focus on a single conflict. This has happened lately with Ukraine and Russia. Every day we hear news about the situation. Many leaders are talking about the future and what could happen.


All of this speculation in the news can cause distress for the people who are listening to these reports. There is a tendency to talk about the news as something abstract, and we tend to forget about the people and families that are living in this situation of uncertainty. The ancestors of these people made many efforts to give their descendants a fulfilling life and future generations also are also watching. Many souls are involved in the current situation.


SWB leader Marco Milan will guide us through a Shamanism Without Borders tending to support those who are affected by the tensions around the borders of Ukraine and Russia. We will be using the Shamanism Without Borders process of working together in a circle with shamanic tools from a neutral place of non-judgment, to see how we may be of service.



Create sacred ceremonial space in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by other people or loud noises. Set up a small altar, light a candle, and have your shamanic tools nearby. You are welcome to rattle or drum along during the shamanic journey process.


Visit our Facebook Group to share comments about your journey, or visit the Shamanism Without Borders page to learn more about how you can get involved with this meaningful work.

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Marco Milan

Marco Milan

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  1. Loren Harris

    Marco, thank you so much for this opportunity! I was sorry to have missed the live call, but I made use of the recording early on Friday. Among other experiences, i had a a glimpse of what looked like cultural renewal, provided by the people of the future. Seeing is believing and I feel heartened. (Of course, this needs to happen globally – not just in one region.)
    For anyone interested in corresponding, here is my contact info: bluepeony54@protonmail.com. <3

  2. Marco Milan

    Loren, thank you for sharing your experience! Yes, it seems like the ancestors, the future generations and the spirit of the land helped us a lot during the tending. They shared many information. ❤

  3. Simon Kariuki

    Thanks for the helpful topic on Tending International borders: Russia and Ukraine. The Tending is very helpful to me and I hope it has inspired many of us as members of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

  4. Marco Milan

    Thank you, Simon! I’m glad you found this tending helpful in these challenging times.

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