Drumming for a Shamanic Journey

by Audio, New to Shamanism, Personal Practice (Audio)

This month we offer a meditative drum journey. We hope it supports you with an ongoing resource for attending to any particular intention that may arise. You can always drum along, or use it in situations where you are unable to drum yourself.  Blessings on your journey.

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  1. StevenCann

    Thank You Lena Stevens. Your guidance is just right for my newbie level of experience. This experience allowed me to gain more confidence in journeying. By having the guide with me from the beginning helped to be more readily moving down the tunnel. The active scene builds and becomes detailed as my personal relaxation grows. The drumming sound fades in and out as attention moves between the intent and the information or scene unfolds. This is a very helpful resource you have created. Thank You Very Much. Steve

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