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Shamanic Deathwalking

January 22, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST


Learn to Help Souls Transition to the Light and the Dying Prepare for Death

This hybrid class will be offered both in person in Methuen, MA and online through Zoom 10:00 am-1:00 pm and 2:00-5:00 pm.

  • This class may be taken individually or as part of the Shamanic Light Healer Apprenticeship Program that runs October 2022 through May 2023. A discount is available when registering for all the November through April classes. Click here for more about the full program including a list of each individual class with a link to the details. All classes will be offered through Zoom, with weekend programs also having the option to attend in person at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA.


  • Prerequisites
    Prior attendance at Healing with Spiritual Light class or permission of instructor. Students must have at least a basic knowledge and some experience with shamanic journeying. You need to have a relationship with a power animal and a spirit guide and be able to travel to the upper and lower worlds of non-ordinary reality. You can fulfill this prerequisite by taking Walking the Shaman’s Path of Wisdom online in October 2022, taking the recording of this class when it is available after October 20th, or an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying class with another qualified teacher or with Sandra Ingerman on The Shift Network. Sandra Ingerman’s book: Shamanic Journeying, A Beginner’s Guide, is highly recommended reading. Leontine’s YouTube video: Shamanic Drumming for Journeying -15 minutes, can be listened to while practicing journeying to your helping spirits.


  • If you are traveling to Methuen, MA to take one or both weekend classes, please email Circles of Wisdom for the discounted rate code for a nearby Hampton Inn.

Do you feel called to help the souls of people who have died? Do you want to help souls that are stuck and have not transitioned to the light?

Are you drawn to work with the dying and wish to assist them in understanding and joyfully anticipating their soul’s journey after this earthly life? Are you curious about what happens to the soul after death? This work is called Deathwalking or Psychopomp, which is Latin for “conductor of souls”. This is the method by which we learn the vital practice of helping souls transition to the heavenly realms if and when they need assistance.

Learn the valuable healing process of helping the souls of people who have died and are stuck crossing over into the divine light so that they can continue their soul’s journey after this earthly physical life.

When the human body dies, the soul of the individual usually is able to let go of this life and physical realm and ascend into the next dimension of divine light love. In some cases, however, the soul of the individual gets stuck and is unable or unwilling to cross over. Often in these cases, the soul is confused or uncertain about how to continue to evolve.

Learn how to diagnose when a soul is stuck and work with spirit guides and angels to guide souls into the divine light. This is a healing practice that has great benefits for the individual soul that was stuck as well as for the remaining family, loved ones, and community. In many cultures, this ancient practice is continued to this day by healers, shamans, priests, priestesses, monks, and nuns.

This healing process can be used for individuals as well as for groups of people who have died in a natural disaster, war, or trauma.

When we help the souls of people that have been stuck ascend into the heavenly realms it frees their souls to continue to evolve and has a positive effect on the family and cultural lineage as well. It liberates the energy of the earth, environment, and hearts of their loved ones. This is important and powerful work!

In this class, you will also learn techniques for assisting people who are dying by becoming familiar with the afterlife which can ease any fear and help smooth the transition from earthly life.

For more details and registration, please visit the course page on the Circles of Wisdom website.


Online Via Zoom OR at Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA
386 Merrimack St #1A
Methuen, MA 01844 United States
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(978) 474-8010
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Leontine Hartzell
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