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Sheldon Shalley

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Shamanism and Energy Healing

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Sheldon Shalley, doing business as Shamanism and Energy Healing, offers his services as a Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner with the intention to provide hope and a path toward reconciliation and healing for those stuck in the distressing conflicts between their inner and outer lives. He can be a guide to the unknown land that lives deep within us—a land with its own characters and its own laws. In this land there is a story being written and played out, the goals of which are often independent of external factors or our conscious desires.

If we are willing to make the journey into these unknown places of the soul, we may find parts of ourselves that long to be embraced and loved, parts that long to live. To embrace and live this story is the longing of the soul—the longing of the “Other” in us.

Drawing from his personal journey and his years as a psychotherapist, shamanic healer, interpretative artist, teacher, and author, Sheldon offers a unique and much-needed perspective on how it’s possible to understand, integrate and live with the diversity of external demands and responsibilities and the inner world of longings and desires.







Experience Level

Shamanic Practitioner

Lineage of Study

South American Shamanism

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Shamanic Healing


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