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Mary Olivar

Business Name

The Awoken Child

About me

A natural nurturer. Part song-bird, part wise-woman.
A tree-hugging, earth-mama-bear.

I lovingly guide you in remembering who you truly are, reclaiming your deep joy, and reawakening your innate essence connection.

In addition to one on one session in person and remotely, I offer free virtual blessings and tendings every month. To be on my invite list, please contact me at

Mary’s professional adventures have all been founded on promoting healing plants, vibrant healthy living, and an awoken consciousness. Dubbed the “Healthy Eating Guru” for Whole Foods Market, she led their Healthy Eating team in inspiring thousands of people to take charge of their health and consciousness.

A graduate of the Power Path School of Shamanism Shamanic Studies program, Mary has completed their  basic and advanced practitioner trainings. She has studied in Mexico with the Wixarika (Huichol) people and in Peru with the Shipibo. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, whose work perpetuates the shamanic wisdom, culture, practice, and traditional ways of life of Indigenous people worldwide.

Maryis also a leader for Shamanism without Borders, the global response network of shamanic practitioners who tend to traumatic events.

Deeply rooted in the nurturing vibration of Pacha Mama Earth, Mary primarily uses her voice to offer healing and tending. Mary particularly supports people in re-awakening their power and bliss through simple daily practices to deepen their innate love for nature and remember their core connection to all life.

When not espousing the virtues of plants and finding one’s joy, Mary can often be found in Austin, Texas, happily singing, dancing to live music, hunting for swimming holes, barefoot gardening, or creatively cooking for her husband and three well-fed children.

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Experience Level

Shamanic Practitioner

Lineage of Study

North American Shamanism, South American Shamanism, Core Shamanism

My Service Offerings

Shamanic Healing, Coaching/Counseling, Workshops/Trainings, Books/Audio Teachings


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