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Kitty Edwards

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Kitty is executive director of The Living & Dying Consciously Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help individuals and families better navigate and embrace the complexities of living, aging and dying. We wish to empower them to hold sacred space, step into ceremony and practice rites of passage so that a measure of peace may be found.

She teaches workshops in Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying in which she trains healthcare professionals, death doulas, and shamanic practitioners to assist their clients in the preparation for death as a rite of passage. Kitty is an author, public speaker, and a sacred ceremonialist with 35 years of teaching experience. She limits her private shamanic practice to those who have a terminal illness and are living with dying.

Kitty is a graduate of Core Shamanism designed by Sandra Ingerman and the Master’s Program of The Four Winds Society founded by Alberto Villoldo.

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MA, History & Education







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Shamanic Practitioner


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