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Dianna Hardy

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Dianna is a shamanic healer and teacher in the south coast of England, UK, where she holds circles and sessions at Kia Ora Lounge. She’s also a western herbalist, and has been divining with the Tarot, professionally, since 1999. Her strong intuition and communication with Spirit, since early childhood, led her to Malidoma Patrice Somé’s book, The Healing Wisdom of Africa, at the age of twenty, which affected her so profoundly, she sought out shamanic training as a matter of urgency (everything of passion is urgent to a twenty-year-old). She almost immediately found a local(ish) stone circle builder called Ivan McBeth and his then named Sacred Space School of Shamanic Studies, and in 2001, she began his Toltec-based course centred around Death and Rebirth (which also had a Celtic flair as he was a Druid). Two years spent studying with Ivan was life-changing and gave much structure to Dianna’s memories and instinctive shamanic calling. Shamanic “thinking” became a conscious way of life for her from that point (very much adopting the Toltec philosophies of the Assemblage Point and shifting perspectives). She also went onto study Wicca, paganism, British witchcraft, and British folklore in depth to connect with the land she lived on.

Life taught her a lot and took her on quite a journey after her shamanic training, into the worlds of complementary medicine, motherhood, and fiction writing; though she never stepped out of the “shamanic realm” (as Ivan called it) after stepping into it through initiation.

In 2019, after a career change guided by her very vocal spirit guides who insisted it had to be now because the world was changing and in need, she stepped fully back into the shamanic realm and received her Munay-Ki rites that year. She went on to work as a shamanic healer and holistic therapist full-time after setting up Kia Ora Lounge, to serve as a healing space for others.

She now practices as a shamanic healer and teacher, guide and coach, and a herbalist at Heart Warrior Herbs and at Kia Ora Lounge.

Dianna has South American (Bahian), Portuguese, and Macanese heritage; yet her spiritual affinity is with African shamanism and Celtic lore, and her childhood dreamtime teachings from her spirit guides were likely Native American and of their own. She was born in Brazil, but grew up in Macau where she learnt both Roman Catholicism and Chinese Folk Religion before moving to England and learning a whole new culture. This all led to wide perspectives of life and living, beliefs and traditions, and consequently, her flavour of shamanism has always been her own, guided by abstract past life memories, intuition, and childhood teachings from her guides; which then found structure and solidity through both Toltec and Celtic wisdom and practices via her training. She teaches others to find their own “inner-shaman” – their own strength, truth, and power – so they can kindle the fire of their soul and make their mark in the world, no matter how big or small. In a world where cultures are constantly appropriated, assimilated, conditioned, and made new, no one needs to feel lost. All that’s needed is to tap into that eternal guidance within which is beyond all traditions, into the heart of what makes us human and free.



Experience Level

Shamanic Teacher

Lineage of Study

African Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism, South American Shamanism

My Service Offerings

Coaching/Counseling, Shamanic Healing, Workshops/Trainings



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