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How to say, what I want to say? I am feeling there is a shaman in me. Animals are my best living friends, there are many good human friends on the other side, the spirit world. Art is my guiding light, intent and motivation, visual art, music, nature is my church.

I have joined the Shamanic Society of Practitioners for curiosity reasons and to find out how much of me will participate in the practice of shamanism. I call it my curiosity, but really, I am drawn to it, and maybe, it’s really my power animal who is calling me to this shamanism. I have glimpses of my power animal and a strong sense at times when I pay particular attention to the energy. I already have learned here how to awaken it and connect with it. I want to be able to permanently befriend it for guidance, etc. Besides the powerful energy I perceive at times, it whispers in my head, thank you my loving friend.

I have studied art at various places, mainly at Colorado Institute of Art and Loretto Heights College, I have received a Degree from Regis University in Art Therapy in the department of psychology. Though I have not pursued a carrier in Art Therapy, I have greatly benefited for my own pleasure, wellbeing, and self-discovery on my life’s journey from art therapy and still do. Occasionally, I share my therapy sessions with close friends and pursue my carrier in jewelry making, or designing wearable art. Does all this tie in with shamanism? Oh, and my power animal is not just in spirit, my life has been filled with cats and dogs and also backyard animals, like squirrels, mourning doves, and foxes.







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Core Shamanism

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Workshops/Trainings, Books/Audio Teachings, Music/Art/Jewelry


While it is not possible for us to vet or screen each and every person who is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice, we have established a code of ethics that all of our members agree to as a guide for maintaining the utmost integrity in the interactions and services they provide. Please review this policy and rely upon your personal discernment, as only you know what is resonant for you. And please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.