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Girvani Leerer

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Girvani Leerer, Ph.D., The Shamanic Psychologist, integrates indigenous and core shamanic healing and energy medicine with cutting edge psychotherapy and mindfulness and meditation practices to help you break free from old dysfunctional relationship patterns, trauma, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs; revitalize and unleash your energy and awaken your light, passion, joy, freedom, and purpose.
Dr. Girvani has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist in California, Massachusetts, and Arizona. I have extensive shamanic training in the Andean tradition, core shamanism, and energy healing including with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and The Four Winds Society where I was on the faculty and Sandra Ingerman’s two year Shamanic Teacher Training.
I offer individual shamanic sessions in California Bay Area, Sedona, AZ and by video and phone. I also offer training for shamanic practitioners and for living a shamanic way of life.

Degree / Credentials
Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist







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Shamanic Practitioner


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