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  • Eva Tree is a seeker and lover of life, who is passionate about nature, healing, mysticism, art, poetry, animals, human relations and the living energy.

    Eva has been a professional in the Healing Arts for 23 years, with private practices in Seattle and Maui and now in Nelson, BC.

    She offers many modalities; Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Continuum, Birth trauma resolution, Embryology, Ancestral and Shamanic healing, Trauma-informed bodywork and Coaching, Reiki, Medicine Ceremony Integration, – that all aim to deeply empower and increase vibrational frequencies for healing and integration of Body, Mind and Spirit.

    From a very young age Eva was deeply connected with Animals and with the Spirits and energies of the natural world, giving her a lifelong love and abiding respect and intimacy with nature and it’s Elemental power.

    She experienced profound energy transmissions (initiations) at a young age which led her to a lifelong study of mysticism, healing and spirituality.

    Eva spent three years living and traveling across the US with a Mystery School based in the Sandia Mountain of New Mexico.

    Following this, she moved to Seattle WA, and spent 5 years as an ‘Elder’ in the Star Diamond Shamanic training program.

    Eva then moved to Maui, HI where she was introduced to Indigenous Kahuna wisdom of the Islands and where she first met Master plant Allies. 

    This was a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation and opened a portal to Andean Mysticism.

    The Andean Cosmo-vision took root and flowered in her heart, and for the past 6 years she has been a passionate student and practitioner of these ancient wisdom ways. 

    Eva is committed to living her life in harmony and alignment with the fourth level Paqo principles she has learned through training with Peruvian Maestros Don Juan Nunez Del Prado and his son Ivan Nunez Del Prado, who are steeped in the Inkari and Waskar lineages and have taught for over 30 years.

    Eva is a Mesa carrier of the Rainbow Lineage, as received by Maestro Puma Fredy Quispe Singona of Chinchero, and also carries a Mesa in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Maestro Don Oscar Miro-Queseda.

    She has studied Hampeq-healer techniques with respected healer Vilma Pineda and has completed a year long mentorship through the Pachakuti Mesa tradition.

    Eva Tree is deeply committed to living an embodied life of ‘Ayni’-sacred reciprocity, in communion with all of nature and in service to her community.

    Her music, art and healing modalities all align with the heart-centered vision of creating a sustainable and regenerative earth honoring culture of love -Munay.

    She believes that by honing all the senses to deeply listen, sense and perceive, we can facilitate a profound activation of the innate and miraculous intelligence within us all, and remember our true nature in harmony with all of creation with a responsibility to be stewards of the living Earth-Pacha Mama.

    Eva is passionate about sharing her tools with others as a vehicle for awakened consciousness and is deeply honored to offer her services to you.

    ❤️🙏🌿 Eva 




British Columbia



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Shamanic Practitioner

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South American Shamanism

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Shamanic Healing, Coaching/Counseling, Workshops/Trainings, Retreats/Travel Programs



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