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Valentine McKay-Riddell PhD

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Wholebeing Wellness Counseling

About me

I’m a shamanic practitioner/teacher, wellness counselor, and transpersonal psychologist, practicing in NM, CA, and OR since 1986.  Native American and Hawaiian shamanism are the core of my private practice, which is part of the work of Orenda Healing International, our 501.c.3 nonprofit, based in Santa Fe since 1993.  OHI supports individual and community healing, with special focus on alternative healing methods.  OHI’s publishing branch, Winds of Change Press, publishes a journal 3 times a year as well as books relevant to our mission. For additional information please visit:

Orenda Healing International  

Winds of Change Press

Four Winds Journal

Wholebeing Wellness Counseling

Wholebeing Wellness Counseling – Psychology Today


Santa Fe


New Mexico



Experience Level

Shamanic Practitioner

Lineage of Study

North American Shamanism, Core Shamanism

My Service Offerings

Shamanic Healing, Coaching/Counseling, Divination, Workshops/Trainings, Books/Audio Teachings


While it is not possible for us to vet or screen each and every person who is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice, we have established a code of ethics that all of our members agree to as a guide for maintaining the utmost integrity in the interactions and services they provide. Please review this policy and rely upon your personal discernment, as only you know what is resonant for you. And please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.