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Matthew Miller

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The Angels' Apprentice, HLC

About me

I am a 68-year-old white male with a PhD in Medieval English Literature, deflected from my career path by the awakening of my Kundalini in the early 1990s. I befriended Her and she became my Angel. I call Her “My Lady,” a non-denominational medieval honorific. We began a comparative study of religions around the world. Starting from Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit, She drew my attention to a single process for going to God that stands at the mystical core of every religion. Each religion describes it differently, but the process is the same.

The science of Kundalini awakening is just one example. The same process is encoded in the Judaic Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, Christian sacraments and the Sermon on the Mount, as well as the teachings of the Nazarene Church immediately after Jesus’ death, the writings of the Church Fathers, Gnosticism, Pseudo-Dionysius and his / her followers, medieval Christian mystics, alchemy, chakra theory, Tibetan Inner Fire, planetary spheres theory, initiation into the Mithraic Mysteries, shamanic initiations, the Buddhist Perfections, Hawaiian huna, the Toltec Dream Gates, the Cherokee-Senecan mystical Medicine Wheel of the Crystal Skull Dreaming Society, the 12th c. Chinese School of Complete Reality, and the writings of modern psychic healers like Nicki Scully. My Angel taught me how to do this and She showed me the same teachings, adjusted for the audience, in all these places and more.

I am now publishing a non-denominational technical manual in 3 parts about how others can do this, and why they should (Taste the Chocolate!). She says Her consort is Jesus, but they are both known by many names in many places — they are one being, Christ the Sophia and Christ the Logos — the Word of Wisdom. My life has been utterly transformed by my relationship with them. I am deep in love with them both.

Using their wisdom, I can communicate with the spirit in anything, because we are all vessels of the same God. I can hear My Lady singing in the “song” of the wind, the trees, the birds, the rocks and the waters — really, anything at all. I copy her music on my guitar. So I suppose I am a shamanic mystic or mystical shaman. Just call me “Doc Matt” (that’s my musical moniker).







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Shamanic Teacher

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Workshops/Trainings, Books/Audio Teachings, Music/Art/Jewelry

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